Has David Cameron put Britain offside and off-shore in Europe?

In his failed last-minute quest for special treatment over financ ial regulation, it would seem the Prime Minister has taken Britain out of the room where decisions on the future of  Europe will be shaped.  The consequences could well be a prolonged, bitter parting of the ways between Britain and the rest of the European Union, a divorce in which both parties lose.

Politicians and commentators across Europe have pronouced Britain’s move disastrous, that it has lost its  seat at the European negotiating table, and that retaliation from Europe will damage Britain’s economy.

And it’s not just Europe that is upset with Cameron’s decision.  So is his co-leader in the coalition, Nick Clegg, leader of  the Lib-Dems.

To be sure, I should point out that Euro-skeptics in Britain are cheering Cameron’s decision and so, I would guess, are a majority in the country itself.

Will the decision affect Britain’s trade with Europe?  If so, is this an opportunity for Canada to step up and increase our trade with the mother country?

Has Cameron isolated Britain?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Peter Westenhangar Says:

    It may not matter if GB is isolated, as it would appear that Europe is about to disolve into in-fighting again. Faisal Islam’s blog has an interesting take on the french central bank vs. the UK treasury http://blogs.channel4.com/faisal-islam-on-economics/french-bank-fires-broadside-at-uk-economy/15870

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:


    Still, won’t Germany and France be calling the shots and Britain won’t even be at the table? Thanks for directing us to the Faisal site.

  3. 3
    Peter Westenhangar Says:

    I think it is true that the UK will be isolated for a while. But if, as it appears likely, the Eurozone implodes, then Europe will need to build bridges and the UK will be there for them. Note this graph to see what the market makes of the pound:

    It would be good for Britain to spend time and effort to build trade links with our old friends, such as Canada, India/Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand. So much time has been spent on european endeavours.

  4. 4
    youngshoutman Says:

    I think that David Cameron should move FORWARD and as Peter put it ” spend time to build trade links with our old friends” if he does this I believe they will be able to leave the European crisis behind them and look forward to the future with their heads held high (this would also be beneficial for Canada).

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