The Harper government is after the public broadcaster.  A Harper MP from Manitoba wants to know how much money is earned by Peter “Pastor” Mansbridge, Rick Mercer and George Stroumboulopoulos.  Also such things as how much the CBC spends on liquor and hotels.

The CBC is strenuously trying to block this kind of information.  But it has a problem.  The CBC is subsidized by the taxpayers to the tune of more than a billion dollars a year.  Does not the taxpayer have a right to know the remuneration of its employees, including Mansbridge.

On the ot her hand, where do we draw the line?  If the CBC is forced to release its salary structure who is next?  Publishers who accept federal grants, theatre companies, museums.

Is the Harper government after the CBC because they think the corporation is too liberal in its views?

Would revealing the CBC salary salary structure set a  dangerous precedent for other witch hunts by Harper?

Are you a fan of the CBC?

Should the CBC come clean?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Neil writes:

    “On the other hand, where do we draw the line? If the CBC is forced to release its salary structure who is next? Publishers who accept federal grants, theatre companies, museums.”

    Yes! Let them ALL come clean! If ANY of the above mentioned entities get even one cent of taxpayer’s money, we have the right to know all aspects of their finances.

    Don’t like it? Then don’t accept any taxpayers’ money.

  2. 2

    What would we gain by knowing how much Rick Mercer earns?
    (Whatever it is, he’s worth every penny).
    I think that Harper is using the CBC as a red herring. It takes the pressure off his government who have not shown one bit of restraint!

  3. 3

    In every crown corporation or bureaucracy , the Conservatives are removing the arm`s length policy that has been in effect for years. This is not about accounting for taxpayers` money-Peter Kent didn`t have any trouble hailing a rescue chopper -but about silencing any and all critics.

    Plus,what if it turns out that they make less than market value-wil they then get a raise ?

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    It occurs to me that if the Harperites force the CBC to reveal its employees’ salaries, it would put the mother corp at a disadvantage with its private sector competitors.

  5. 5

    Simple solution, Neil, if the CBC doesn’t want to play by the rules and not reveal salaries: DON’T ACCEPT ANY MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

    But, of course, they would fall flat on their faces if they did that.

    Let them compete with the rest of those in the free market.

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