Today is likely the last day of debate in the Commons on Harper’s omnibus crime bill before it goes to the Senate where the Tory majority there will ram it through.

I put it to you that this is very scary business.  The crime bill provides for more prisons, more mandatory minimum sentences, fewer pardons and parole. These are the very policies that have been in the United States, in places like Texas, and they have all failed.  What happens when you put a first offender in prison with a hardened criminal?  A good chance you will get two hardened criminals.

What is the need for this draconian bill?  In the laseast survey taken on this matter, 93 per cent of Canadians of Canadians said they were satisfied with their personal safety from crime.  Most police report that crime in the country is on the decline.  So what is Harper about?  I suggest he is appealing to the law and order crowd in his base.

As NDP  justice critic Jack Harris put it: “Crime rates are down, people feel safe in their homes, and yet we’ve got a government spending all this time and effort  to essentially make things worse. ”

This bill won’t make Canada a police state but it is a step in that direction.

If  you want to make your views known to Harper and his justice minister before it is too late, check out this site.   http:/www.leadnow.ca/keep-canada-safe.

My view is that this is a national emergency.

Will the crime bill reduce crime?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Neil McKenty Says:


    If you want to express your views of the crime bill to your member of Parliament cehck the following site:


  2. 2

    Neil wrote: “Today is likely the last day of debate in the Commons on HaRPER’s omnibus crime bill…”

    This will be the first day too then – because the conservatives haven’t allowed ANY debate as of yet. Denounce this awful bill and they label you “pro-crime”! It’s insane!

    This bill won’t make Canada safer – it will make Canada MUCH less safe. Expert after expert has pointed this out – it will make things worse – but they don’t seem to care. It’s shocking.

  3. 3
    Heidi Gulatee Says:

    I have problems with Harper on the way he governs and unfortunately he has a majority. He does not seem to listen to people who oppose this. And there is no discussion in the house
    To ram through this bill will cost us big time. There will be more prisons and a lot more prisoners.
    We also may teach a lot of people to become hardened criminals.I agree with Neil about that.
    If this gets through , how do we find the tax payers to support this scheme. I just called Marc Garneau s office to make sure he votes no. I was assured that he would. Would not the money be better spent on health care or on education ?
    I am sure that there will be lots of cuts due to this bill. Probably on culture, on the arts. on education and on healthcare. The money will have to come from somewhere. I just wish there was some sanity out there. Harper will cater to a group of people that will give him another majority. I am sure anyone that thinks about things must be against this bill.

  4. 4

    This “more prisons, longer sentences” is not new with the Harper regime, he’s been saying that since his first campaign, if I remember correctly…
    He’s just keeping a campaign promise. 🙂 !!!
    He’s a crack pot disguised as a nerd.
    Who would be the law & order crowd he’s trying to placate? Hill billies?
    He’ll be proven wrong!

  5. 5

    Not a police state yet,but Harper recently muzzled the RCMP, just like he muzzled statsCan (!!). if we can`t ask the RCMP for information,and the government only speaks from prepared statements , then he already has quite a bit of control over what we know.

    It`s a disturbing trend. The Conservatives have stifled the Freedom of Information act,barred any unauthorised communication,and tell us that they`re only doing what we want. The debate over Stats Can was serious,but nobody got worked over the long form ( What`s a long form, madge ?). It worked then,and it will be used again.

  6. The bill will not reduce anything but the chance to rehabilitate some soft criminals who could otherwise have been saved.

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