Do Canadians support participation in a pre-emptive strike against Iran?  Do we believe that the issue raised by Iran’s nuclear program warrants using the Canadians forces in another Persian Gulf War.?  These questions seems ever less hypothetical and ever more urgent.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has just issued a report that indicates Iran is going for the bomb.  Israeli newspapers are carrying reports that the Israeli government is now considering an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations.

Assuming the likely near-term inadequacy of sanctions, the essential question boils down to this:  Which is worse, Iran getting the bomb or the bombing of Iran?

Where does all this leave Canada with its comparatively small but not inconsequential but quite capable military?   Last week Foreign Minister John  Baird said Canada “will continue to work with like-minded allies to take tne necessary action for Iran to abandon its nuclear program …. It is not a question of if, but when we will act in response to this report.”  That sounds like sabre-rattling to me.

Prime Minister Harper has repeatedly has repeatedly portrayed Israel as an ally.  What is this government, the most pro-Israeli in Canadian history, planning to do.

I flatly predict that if Israel were to attack Iran, Harper would support them 100 per cent. Is that what Canadians want?

Canadians need to engage and come to as common a view as possible on how to protect our interests and project our values in the Middle East before we find ourselves drifting into war.  The issue is too important to be left to politicians and politics as usual.

Should Canadia support an attack on Iran?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    I don’t envy Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    What to do? Iran’s fanatical leadership has stated, repeatedly, that it wants to wipe Israel off the map…AND, holding to a firm belief in martredom, appears to have no compunction in losing 10 million of its own people in a nuclear holy war.

    I fear that even if Israel were to take preemptive action now even prior to Iran completing the bomb that Iran could at least retaliate with a dirty bomb.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    And do we really want Canada in the middle of this nuclear holocaust?

  3. Do we really want another Afghanistan at the umpteenth power? They are fanatics who fought Irak with pitchforks and waves of human “martyrs” throwing themselves before Hussein’s tanks. You don’t fight these guys with conventional warfare.
    But then Harpoon is so hell bent on making Canada a military power that he may well initiate a preemptive strike on his own (just joking…I hope?).

  4. 4

    It`s very scarey to think about this , but the options are so poor. Israel cannot afford to let Iran ,with its hateful ideas,go nuclear. The U. S.will not let Iran control the Middle east. So,it seems there will be an attack. The turmoil in Syria, the main ally of Iran seems to be driving this idea.

    There are many opinions as to how far Iran is from creating a delivery system for a working warhead-anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. But nobody wants to wait that long.

    Canada has kept Hizbollah on the terror list,so we have to support an attack on their sponsor . How much support is the question.

    The main attack-if and when-will have to be a co-operation between American and Israeli forces. Canada will be somehere in the background , probably in some support role.

    Some day , all the debates will cease and we won`t hear one word about it. That`s when the attack will come.

    I don`t know how Netanyahu sleeps at night.

  5. 5

    We have absolutely no business taking part in a preemptive strike against Iran.
    What’s the difference? If Iran strikes at Israel, thousands will die on both sides. If Israel strikes 1st…thousands will die on both sides.
    The Palestinians may not seem to be such bad neighbours in the event of Iranian aggression.
    We could join in ONLY if Iran strikes.
    Surely we’ve learned from Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
    No one can win against Guerilla warfare.

    Frankly, I think that Israel (and the USA) could handle a massive covert operation in Iran, if they are hell-bent on a preemptive strike. Don’t underestimate the Israelis. They are fierce fighters & have the weapons & delivery systems.

  6. 6
    Jim Says:

    Let’s look at the first fact. Iran has about triple the population of Iraq.
    The second main fact is that their people are probably the best educated in that area and they know what is going on, and some day they will make their move internally, whilst the UN is attacking, which in turn would cause the Iranian armed forces to be occupied defending the country. The third main fact would be for the allies to study the events of the clash in between Iran and Iraq. History is prologue. The fourth main fact is that there will be no allied grunts on the ground in Iran. The call from the UN will be for the UN forces to handler Iran the same way that Libya was handled. Just protect the flanks of the revolters. BTW – Canada’s General who was commander in chief of the UN forces in Libya did an exemplary job there. Finally I think that the UN will not make any move on Iran until Israel makes the first non-atomic strike on Iran. The job of the UN at that time will be for them to destroy the missiles that Iran will launch. They will have about 30 seconds to drone them and if Iran has armed them atomic-wise, they will fall back onto the Iranian population and that is when the internal revolt will begin.

  7. 7
    Neil McKenty Says:


    That’s a very interesting analysis.

  8. 8
    Jim Says:

    BTW – Iran threw out the British Ambassador this morning. He has 2 weeks to pack and/or get assassinated or have camel pies thrown at him.

  9. 9


    This is a very different game from Libya. Much bigger,more sophisticated defenses. Plus,you said yourself that there will be very little time to spike the missles. The U.N. measures it`s time in weeks,never mind seconds.

    The major thrust will come from the U.S.and Israel, because of the preparation they have and the slim command structure.

  10. 10
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I really don’t see the United Nations getting involved in this. Neither China nor Russia will countenance military action against Iran.

  11. 11

    Present-day Iran is very much a creation of a weakling president: Jimmy Carter.

    We now have his heir apparent — another weakling — in the White House now. It is poetic justice that Obama is the one who is now confronted with having to deal with this problem…and to reap the whirlwind that Carter sowed.

    I cannot forget what McCain responded to Obama during the presidential election campaign when Obama said McCain was running for Bush’s third term: “yeah, and Obama is running for Carter’s second!”

    Sadly, how true.

  12. 12
    Jim Says:

    The UN Security Council managed to pass a resolution regarding Libya, with Russia and China abstaining. Also the Arab League supported the resolution in the General Assembly. Don’t forget that the resolution went against the UN general mandate, because technically, according to their charter, they cannot invade a country (Libya) that has not invaded another country. In that the UN put thru their resolution in spite of the abstainers says that a resolution for Iran may not be that forbidding. Over and above that, there may not be any Arab opposition either, because Iranians are Persians. BTW I don’t think that Canada would get themselves into the fray, unless the move was under the UN flag.

  13. 13

    Jim, should the U.S. go in, Harper will follow like the nice puppy he is when it comes to the U.S.

  14. 14
    Jim Says:

    if Harper does go in, without the request of the UN, it will be a first and politically suicidal. Also remember that the likelyhood of Iran striking first is remote. Now, if Israel strikes first, that strike should call for the UN to attack Israel. BTW – Does anyone know what the UN is going to do about Mexico which has turned renegade, in that 43,000 of their citizens have been murdered by the drug barons, police, and elected government officials. Here we are talking about Iran and Israel where no one has been killed and……

  15. 15
    Jonathan Says:

    I think that eberybody needs to calm down. Why is it that the United States and Europe think they can tell other countries what means they should be allowed to use in their defence strategy. If Iran wants to have a nuclear deterrent – all the power to them. Pakistan, India, and Isreal are regional countries to Iran and they all have nukes. In that volatile part of the world you cannot blame Iran for wanting one. Canada should stay out of the internal affairs of other countries. The key to protecting ourselves and our allies is to posses and develop counter measures (i.e. Missile defence capabilities) to ensure the saftey of ourselves and our allies. War with Iran is a very slippery slope.

  16. 16
    German-92-BC Says:

    There was no problem removing the Third Reich, so why is it an issue to remove one in the middle east who stands threat the global security….. oh yaa, crude

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