Four women have now levelled serious sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain.  Sharon Bialek says he groped her after they dined together in Chicago.  Karen Kraushaar says Cain sexually harrased her when she was working for him at the Restaurant.

In a press conference yesterday in Arizona, Cain denied all the charges.  He claims he never met and did not know Bialek.  He said he was ready to take a lie detector text on the matter.

Should Cain take a lie detector test?

Karen Kraushaar is tying to arrange a joint press conference with the other women.  Is that aa good idea.

Who is more likely to be lying here?  Is it the women who by coming forward have left themselves open to a media storm?  On the other hand why did they remain silent about these accusations for 14 years.?

Is it Cain lying because he wants to save his presidential bid?  Cain says he has no intention of dropping out.  Should he?

Are women’s organizations outraged by this contretemps?  If so why are they not saying so more loudly?

What is the truth about these accusations and denials?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Throughout his entire career, the reverend Billy Graham had a strict rule in his wotkplace: that he would never be alone with a female employee.

    Maybe that’s the only way to go. Otherwise, this incessant he said/she said is never-ending. Enough.

    I really do like some of Cain’s policies, particularly 9-9-9. But FOUR women? What the hell is going on here?

  2. 2

    Orthodox Jews have that rule already. Now we see what it`s for.

    Yes, It`s always puzzling why these people come forth so very long after the fact. The statute of limitations is past,and he has very little recourse. Still,all these accusers..

    The woman`s rights groups may have ceded any right to yell after Clinto was re-elected,and especially since his wife kept quiet. It`s seen as a private matter

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I really don’t see much similarity between Cain and Clinton.

  4. 4

    If he has offered to take a lie detector test, then let him take it. No, it is not legally binding, but let’s see how far he is willing to go to make his opponents back down.

    And four women out of how many hundreds? If he truly were a sexual predator with women, where are the others? Tony seems to be astonished that there are so many. I, on the other hand, am suspicious that there are so few…

  5. 5
    Neil McKenty Says:

    It isw also curious to me that we have four comments on Cain’s alleged sexual harassment of women and three of them are by men.

  6. 6
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    I have just returned home from a wonderful sushi lunch with Lady Janus in Vancouver. We were together for an hour and a half and not only didn’t we not kill each other(Janus’ observation) but we had a good time. We pretended that the spicy salmon were jim’s innards. Yum.

    It’s an unusual experience meeting someone you’ve got to know over the years– via Neil’s blog– and then actually meet them in the flesh and hear their voice…you know them but don’t know them.

    Thank you, Lady J, for your company and a fun lunch!

  7. 7
    Barbara Says:

    Most women prefer to move on because going public often results in their being accused of leading the men on. Men who are serial molesters often are in positions of power that give them access to legal counsel and a veneer of respectability. The molested women, now that Cain is vying for the Republican nomination, at last have the opportunity to speak because lawyers will be lining up to take their case.

    I suspect most women have been molested in this way at some point in their lives. I know I have.

  8. 8

    Women have historically been treated badly whenever they accuse a big shot or a person in authority.
    I remember the Thomas affair many years ago-he beat the rap and they made him a judge.
    Recently, a maid accused the President of the UN and the case was dismissed.
    (Sorry their names slipped my mind.)
    Bill Clinton would have gotten away with fraternizing with an intern if it happened 20 years ago. They made fun of Jennifer Flowers.
    Prince Charles was a rat, but Diana was the problem child.
    How many people remember Mary Jo Kopechne? And the numerous amours of JFK? They were all worth a snicker and a “boys will be boys”.
    There is an RCMP inquiry at the moment. They are already circling the wagons.

    Barbara is right.

    PS: Neil: We (women) try to make some thoughtful comments and are scorned.
    For example you said “I don’t see similarity between Clinton & Cain”.
    R E A L L Y ? ? I would like to hear Catherine’s opinion on adulterous, scum bags.

  9. 9
    Neil McKenty Says:


    Thanks for sharing the news of your delightful lunch with Lady Janus. Sorry I couldn/t be there.

  10. 10

    In a social agency where I worked with youngsters all the offices had glass doors and half glass panes walls with curtains or posters being strictly forbidden. During my scoutmaster years I made a rule never to be alone in a closed room with a boy. I never regretted it.
    And Littlepatti the man, Dominic Strauss-Khan, was president of the International Monetary Fund, not the U.N.; the hotel maid did get a bum rap however.

  11. 11
    jim Says:

    Tony – Glad to see you had a good time with Lady J.
    Now, about the difference in aromas in between spicy salmon and my innards……..

  12. 12

    Thanks Paul- This entire subject is so worn out I didn’t feel like looking up the names- 🙂 Cain will be outed & the American people may even chose to ignore his behaviour. If there’s 4…there’s more. He’s an old guy!
    Our Pastor does a lot of youth & marriage counselling. He is careful to always have a witness nearby.
    It’s a sad commentary on the state of our society, as there are far many more people doing good than doing evil.

  13. 13

    I had a terrific lunch with Tony yesterday — if anyone is visiting Vancouver, he does know an really awesome sushi place! We’ll have to do that again, sometime, eh?

    Do any other commenters ever meet up anywhere? I know there are blogger meets all over the place, but this was a first for me…

  14. 14
    jim Says:

    Is it not true that if a molester is about to molest, that he/she will make sure there is not a witness in the room? Ergo, if he/she is not about to paw a potential victim, then there will be a witness in the room. Also if there was no one in the room, not even the pawer, the pawee could claim it happened in any event.

  15. 15

    Ann Coulter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But she does have an interesting column on the whole Herman Cain affair:


  16. 16

    Yes, Janus, we have to do it again. Great place!

  17. 17

    The Republicans are taking a page out of the Vatican’s play book- Deny, ignore, deflect, protect, etc.
    Thanks Tony, for the Ann Coulter article. It’s interesting but it’s a load of crap, neatly bound in a few facts.

    The last word hasn’t been said about Herman Cain. He should quit now while he’s ahead. I think we are about to see a long line of the offended coming forward.

    Anyone who is running for the President of the United States should have their entire life from cradle to White house vetted, No sealed records!

  18. 18

    Jim: That doesn’t seem true in the Penn State affair, when someone walked in while a child was being raped. And didn’t take the kid out of harm, and didn’t report it. All I can say is WTF !!!

  19. 19
    jim Says:

    Littlepatti – Methinks you think that I was thinking about the Penn State affairs.
    I think not. My thinking on those affairs is let there be a pox put on those who ruined the life of those boys. My thoughts were on Cain.

  20. 20

    I am not sure that there is such a big difference between the two (not the victims) but the perpetrators. Let there be a pox on all of them!
    The “WTF” comment was not directed at you, but at Penn state.

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