Another pequiste member of the National Assembly has launched an attack on his leader, Pauline Marois.  Claude Pinard says “One of her serious handicaps for a big part of the population is the fact that she’s a woman.  I sincerely believe that because she is a woman, people won’t support her.”

Marois responded,  “I think Quebec is ready to elect a woman as premier.”

Others defended Marois by pointing to the fact that three other provinces have women premiers.

Polls show that if Gilles Duceppe were to replace  Marois as leader, PQ support would double in the polls?

Why do you think Marois is so low in the polls?

Is Marois in trouble because she’s a  woman?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    I think that Quebekers harbour many, many prejudices that are carefully camouflaged.
    English is the only prejudice that’s allowed out.
    Marois has so many negatives that it’s difficult to pin down one.
    She’s an elitist, nouveau riche. She’s a bit too folksy-acting & lacks sincerity.
    Marois is not worldly, and unlike i.e.: Jean Chretien (who was also a bit of a buffoon), she couldn’t represent an emerging Quebec.
    She’s just the latest casualty of the PQ. (This time they are right!)
    And to prove the PQ camouflage, she won a 90+ approval rating a few months ago, and then the knives came out.

    and PS: She couldn’t communicate with the other Provinces’ Premiers. Her English is outrageously poor- She can’t seem to wrap her tiny brain around learning a language. Not that bright… DUH!

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:


    In view of all the negatives you list for Marois, it is difficult to undetstand why they ever elected her leader in the first place.

  3. 3

    The party has supported & then ditched every single leader. Strange bunch (of bananas) aren’t they? I think they were so anxious to wash their hands of Andre Boisclair, and try not look prejudiced, they jumped to Marois.
    That’s the problem with hidden prejudices-they float to the surface and the PQ membership is fraught with them, starting with Alglos, followed by “money and the ethnic vote.” Have I quoted that correctly?
    A real eye-opener for me!
    Frankly, I think that we all have some prejudices because of our personal experiences. At the moment I can’t hide my distain for Greece and I’m just a tad crabby! 🙂

  4. 4

    A while ago,after the last municipal election, Louise Harel showed up unannounced at CJAD, for an unscheduled chat with Tommy Schneurmacher.

    With her lousy English,in front of a hostile audience,she cheerfully jumped in and upstaged Gerald Tremblay who had decided not to show up. She did it with humour and style , and won my respect.

    As you would say, Neil, you will be in some celestial talk show,and Madame marois will still have not found it in herself to do such a thing. She just comes across as snobbish, and the PQ itself said so a while back. She misses that touch, one that Charest, Clinton,Reagan, Chretien and any winning politician must have.

    Plus, she has an excremental product to sell

  5. 5
    jim Says:

    She’s living proof that bullshit baffles brains. She’s into politics for one reason only and that is to push the English out of Quebec. Her thinking is so thick that she can’t see that it will never happen, because of one element of the voting population. Some of these people have french names. They are the Irish. Because, not due to their own choosing politically, they have become part of the Irish Murphia underground and their muscle is felt when they make the scene to vote. They may have some disdain for the English but it doesn’t rate that high in the voting booth. The fickle finger of fate will make sure that a “malfait” (colloquial translation: “badly made”) such as Marois, with her one sylable way of thinking, will never get the gavel..

  6. Marois can not be trusted even though she was a man. She never looks straight at anything not even at a camera. She has betrayed her working class origins and has strayed far from the young socialist intellectual that I worked with when she was fresh out of university.
    She then wore her scarfs, pirate style , on her head and denim clothes far from designer ones. The Pauline Marois of today has nothing to do with the Pauline Marois of the early 70s. No, even should I be a sovereignist, which I am not, I would not vote for her or him if he was called Paul Marois.

  7. 7
    jim Says:

    Come to think of it, no, she’s not in trouble because she’s a woman, she’s in trouble because she’s not a woman.

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