The pizza man, Herman Cain, is at the top or near the top every poll for the Republican nomination.  Now, it suddenly emerges that some years ago when he ran the restaurant association Cain was accused by two women of sexual harrasment.  After early fudgings and denials, Cain finally and reluctantly coughed up some hard information.  The two women did accuse him.  An internal  investigation supposedly cleared him.  He knew of one woman who was ;paid off.

But there are a lot of questions still up in the air, unanswered.

How, for example, as head of the restaurant association, could he have been “unaware” of  the details of legal settlements paid out on his watch?

Why doesn’t Cain go to the restaurant association and ask to see the relevant file on the matter?

Would most Americans want this kind of man to be their president?

Is Herman Cain finished?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    joesix Says:

    He was too right-wing to make it past the primaries anyway. If Republicans were smart, they’d start putting their money on Romney right now.

  2. 2
    SUZANNE Says:

    Two words: Bill Clinton. He set the bar so low I don’t think it even matters any more.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:


    The problem is right wing Republicans don’t trust Romney. They will move massively to Perry.

    Suzanne. Clinton set the bar too low! A relationship between two consenting adults. Come on.

  4. 4


    Not so much “too right-wing” for the general electorate… more like “no substance – just fluff”. Cain just underscores how pathetic the GOP are these days. He doesn’t have a foreign policy, his economic policy has been riped to pieces by actual economists – he’s completely out of his element.

    The only thing he has going for him is that he isn’t Mitt Romney – and that’s it. That is why he is enjoying the support of the GOP… but in a general election he’d get his butt kicked – and given Obama’s support right now that is saying something. Like Bush 43rd’s second term when the Dems put John Kerry up against him – Cain is the GOP’s Kerry.

  5. 5

    “Clinton set the bar too low!” “A relationship between two consenting adults. Come on.” Neil said.
    Neil! You are too kind and forgiving of scuzzy men!
    Two consenting adults? How about a young, lowly, intern getting the “rush” by a President! That’s fraternizing with subordinates! That’s taking advantage. That’s obscene.
    How about her life & reputation ruined while he goes on Letterman?

    How about Clinton lying to the people…”I did not have sex with that woman”.
    How about Clinton was a married man?
    How about the number of lies he had to tell, just to his staff?
    How about the hours wasted in a tryst that would have been better spent, acting as a real President?

    I would certainly agree with the statement “Clinton set the bar too low”.
    If people want to climb the ladder in politics, they need to know it early on and keep their private (privates) lives above reproach.

    Cain is lying. He’s a creep! He should not be considered.
    That’s a woman’s opinion.
    Is anybody listening?

  6. 6
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Well, when the rubber hit the road, she could have said NO, couldn’t she?

  7. 7
    Barbara Says:

    Frankly, no, Neil. Very unlikely. There is the power and prestige differential on top of his being an apparent charmer. She was indeed a lowly intern and he had the most powerful position in the world at the time. Guys like him know how to pick vulnerable women and take advantage of them. She was in awe of him — she kept that dress, for pete’s sake!

  8. 8

    What`s really sad is that whoever came up with this story has no original ideas to offer. But they`re all doing it. I saw one article that said Perry is a strong campaigner because he can use borderline libellous claims against hs opponents. Wonderful.

    Regarding Clinton,and the bar. Because of the nature of the business-drive,charisma,force of personality-these things will happen . L.ian Macdonald had a great piece a few years back. Mike Pearson was at some fundraiser. Seated next to him was an aide,and across from him was Allan MacEchan , and some unnamed but quite attractive lady,in a flattering dress.

    MacEchan was sound asleep. Pearson nudged his aide and said ` Look at Allan. That`s why he`ll never be prime minister.`

  9. 9

    Neil’s right on this one, folks. She could have said no. She could have yelled for security. And she got as much out of it as Clinton did.

    Clinton is not unusual in his behavior. The only unusual thing was that he got “caught.” Whether or not you “like” his behavior is completely up to you, but you had better understand that all politicians are aware very early that sexual perks come with the job. They’re like rock stars in that they attract their own kind of groupies. Get over it.

    As for Cain, I don’t know any more about this than what Neil has said, so I can’t comment with knowledge about it. But I do have a friend whose life was ruined by accusations of sexual harrassment that went to court. One of his accusers (a woman who worked for him) admitted under oath that the union bosses had not only put her up to it, but they had threatened to pull her union membership if she did not go through with it! My friend was acquitted, but he had already been fired “for cause,” and that’s a permanent stain on his employment record, effectively blocking him from employment in his chosen field. The woman was also fired, charged with lying to the police, and the union barred her membership, so she, too, can no longer work in her chosen field. And what happened to the union? Not a goddamned thing. You’re not allowed to touch or criticize unions in this province.

    Bottom line: never take anyone’s word for anything until you’ve done your own research. Lives get ruined by rumor and hearsay and innuendo and accusation.

  10. 10
    jim Says:

    Neil – Does your remark translate to “when the condom hits the road, she could have said NO, couldn’t she?

  11. 11

    ” Sexual perks come with the job”.WHAT?
    As long as this mentality exists and is accepted, men will never be all they can be.
    Men need to stop forgiving each other & believing good old boys will be boys and women need to stop forgiving them and giving them permission to be pigs.

    REAL men don’t lie and cheat! Real women don’t let them teach their sons bad behaviour. THIS IS 2011 !!!

    Come-on guys, is this a novel idea?

  12. 12

    “Men need to stop forgiving each other & believing good old boys will be boys and women need to stop forgiving them and giving them permission to be pigs.”

    Any you need to stop telling other folks what they need to do.

    There is no “forgiving” going on. Politicians collect groupies like rock stars, and for about the same reasons. They are not going to change their lifestyles just because you don’t like it.

  13. 13

    “Any you need to stop telling other folks what they need to do.”
    And some women (or whatever) need to stop being floor mats.

  14. 14
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Neil writes:

    ” A relationship between two consenting adults. Come on.”

    I personally neber had a problem with what Bill Clinton did with Monica (indeed, my feeling is that the most powerful man in the woeld who has his finger on the nuclear button should be void of any sexual tension at all times and, thus, as a matter of public policy, should have a bevy of babes constantly waiting outside the Oval Office ready to “service” the president).

    But that’s not what the narrative of feminism and the laws that feminism habe succeeded in imposing upom the culture. One of the dictums is that an executive must never, ever engage in amorius relatoons in the workforce with an underling EVEN WHEN BOTH ARE CONSENTING ADULTS.

    It was precisely this hypocricy on the part of feminists during Monicagate that
    set feminism back fifty years. The most glaring example of this was a New York Times Op/Ed piece by the Godmother of feminism, Gloria Steinem, who, on the heels of the Kathleen Willey revelations, defended Clinton by essentially saying that (1) a man could, uninvited, put his tongue doen a woman’ throat; (2) fondle her breats; and (3) tkae her hand and place it on his penis…and as long as he backs off once she says “no” that this does not constitute sexual harassment.

    This became known as Steinem’s “one free grope” rule.

  15. 15

    Real men don’t lie or cheat. Real men don’t rape or expect to be “serviced”.

    It may be harsh, but try to come into this century.
    Feminism has not been set back 50 years (not in my world anyway).
    and re: Steinem’s one free grope rule: Our retort would be one free punch.

    I hope that someone steps up to defend men (not condone, but defend).
    There are lots of good men out there, I know many who are politicians, executives, professionals & a couple of rock stars. They don’t lie and cheat…

  16. 16
    jim Says:

    I’ve always felt that there was something fishy about the people who were in charge of that dress. Why did they choose to disclose the existence of the dress before Clinton had a chance to deny its existence, thereby trapping himself in mucho lies. Did Lewinski’s love for him have a hand (not that hand) in the timing of its media release? Imagine otherwise. They could have allowed Clinton to swim (not on the skirt) for months with his denials and innuendoes and then reveal the spermy deed. Kaboom.

  17. 17

    Patti, what makes you think sexually active women are “floor mats?”

  18. 18
    jim Says:

    Littlepatti – I am taking the liberty of completing your last sentence. “….and therefor they do not need defending”

  19. 19
    jim Says:

    Lady J – It’s because if one checks up on the back of some sexually active women, one may find the imprint of a floor mat, ergo the misunderstanding.

  20. 20

    Don’t know where you get your “information,” jim, but most sexually active women are tops or switches, not bottoms…lol!

  21. 21

    “but you had better understand that all politicians are aware very early that sexual perks come with the job. They’re like rock stars in that they attract their own kind of groupies. Get over it.”They are not going to change their lifestyles just because you don’t like it.”

    Hi Jim, I think that men need defending. Not ALL politicians etc…
    That’s a sweeping statement, that convicts all men.
    I also wondered about that dress. I was rooting for her to incinerate it in the BBQ.
    “Patti, what makes you think sexually active women are “floor mats?”
    I never said or implied that.

    This is my final comment on this subject.
    Thank goodness for that!

  22. 22

    Yeah, Patti, you did: “And some women (or whatever) need to stop being floor mats.”

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