In Ottawa, Senator Nicole Eaton is leading a crusade to have the beaver banished as an official emblem of Canada and replaced with the polar beaver . Eaton describes the beaver as “a dentally defective rat”, a species of nuisance vermin that wreaks havoc on farmland, woodlots and bodies of water.

Eaton celebrates the polar bear for its courage and dignity.

Naturally there has been a backlash from beaver defenders, who cite its role in the early exploration and development of Canada, its resilience in inclement climes and  its stoic work ethic – said  to be a perect metaphor for the Canadian pioneering spirit.

Should the polar bear replace the beaver as Canada’s national emblem?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Dam her! Leave our beaver alone. It represents our work ethic. The polar bear is one mean critter, sort of akin to, you know who,. on your blog. Besides, the bear represents something cold,.which is the last thing we want to see, if we wish to attract tourists to our sunny climes.

  2. 2

    I agree. Leave it …to Beaver! So ugly it’s cute. What about “Beaver Tails?” has she thought of that?
    She wants to replace our little furry friend with an endangered species.
    What is she thinking???

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I have to say a beaver reminds me of a groundhog. They are both ugly as hell.

  4. Without the beaver there would be no Canada. The pelts attracted the first settlers and in times of winter famine it’s meat saved the lives of the first colonists. The bishop of Quebec even declared it a fish so that the pioneers could eat it at anytime during famines and thus allowed the colony to survive.
    Even Yukon wants to remove the polar bear. from it’s licence plates; why should we dislodge the beaver.

  5. 5

    Paul, Yukon does not have a polar bear license plate. Never has. You’re thinking of NWT.

  6. You are absolutely right, Lady Janus. Sorry for the mistake.

  7. 7

    I always thought that the loon should be our national animal. For one thing,it`s already on our currency.

    Second, it has a common trait with us -it`s mistaken for a duck too often,just like we`re mistaken for Americans.

  8. Phil, we are Americans since we live in North America, Canadians, Mexicans and U.S.A.ers are all Americans and so are all the inhabitants of the Americas. The U.S.A.ers have hogged the term abusively.
    As for the loon do you not fear it would make us look looney?

  9. 9

    Well, it’s just looney to consider the Loon. It’s so looney looking.
    I’m a “North American”, not an American.
    Canadian North American Ca-nor-mer..Ca Na rd. Canard!… Duck!

  10. 10

    Paul , I have this image of a loon, going south for the winter,checking into some Best Western along I-95 . The cashier looks at him and says ` Oh, a duck.`

    The loon gets up close and personal, and says. `See the red eyes pally ? That means ` loon`. And this is a beak,not a bill,pally,got that ?`

    Loons can be agressive when pushed.

  11. 11

    I once witnessed a male loon charging a canoe that came too near his little family. The guy almost capsized the embarcation and the canoeists promptly went away.
    And, Littlepatti, the USAers, so called Americans, are also North Americans as the Mexicans also are. There is no ducking the question.

  12. 12
    Barbara Says:

    I’m curious … why do you get so bothered because the folks in the USA co-opted the term Americans for themselves? Technically, you are correct that Canada, the USA and Mexico constitute North America. But when you insist on referring to yourselves as Americans instead of the more unambiguous term, Canadians, you risk being misunderstood by many around the world. People might think (gasp!) that you were from the States! How disgusting! 😉

  13. 13

    Paul’s right about Canadians and Mexicans being Americans. You can be more specific by adding “North” to it, but we’re still Americans by virtue of living on one of the Americas.

    As for the loon, we could have far worse symbols. Loons mate for life and they raise their families with diligence (along with some hostility towards intruders, as Paul says). They are strong swimmers and divers, strong flyers once airborne, and they can walk on water. What more can we ask from a symbol? Besides, I love their voices and their many calls…

  14. 14
    jim Says:

    Technically, if they call themselves American, it doesn’t really identify them as being from the U.S.A. It means that they are from North, South, or Central America. Has anyone ever noticed that the USers have those tenacles out there that say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. They are reknown for their using words like “World” as in “World Series”, when they wish to show that they’re the best in the world. How do they know, if they didn’t allow others from around the world to compete. Other words include “International”, “Global”, “Intercontinental” “Bank of America” (which America). How about, when is an African American an African American? Are they trying to bring Coloured Canadians into the fold? The reason why – to be determined at a later. Some of my US friends are esconced in the Wall Street Park sit-down.They know what’s really going on. The question is, what is really going on? Well, how about why is it that over 80% of money earned in the US was pocketed by 1% of the people. One of the 1% heads up the Bank of America. Earlier this month he laid down a $5.00 per month fee on all depositer’s accounts, simply because they are depositers. One or more of those depositors are going to have to reduce their spending on prescription drugs.

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