President Obama has just signed a free trade with Columbia.  One  of the provisions repeals an exemption that excluded travellers from Canada, Mexico and other Caribbean countries from paying a custumer user fee to enter the United States by sea of air.

Talk about collateral damage.

Canadian now entering the U.S. by air or sea will pay a $5.50 surcharge.  This suracharge will be added to the price of an air or boat ticket. The U.S. expects to collect $110 million annually from this new tax.

Approximately 7 million Canadians  flew into the United States in 2010.  More than 150,000 travelled by boat.

NDP critic, Robert Chisholm, accused the Harper government for failing to stand  up for Canadians  in this tax matter.

Should the Harper government fight this new tax?

Is this tax fair?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    i would pay more than that,just to avoid that stupid pat-down search at the airports.

    The government should leave this isusue,and stick eith the Buy America tactic that Obama has institute d to counter the recession. That law is really hurting our industries.

    And by the way,how long does a recession have to continue before it`s called a depression ?

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Now we’re stuck with both the pat-down search and the tax.

  3. 3

    Well, first, this is not a “new” tax. It’s the same tax that was imposed a few years ago for everyone entering the United States, from which we and the Mexicans were given temporary exemptions at the time. And we still have those exemptions if we travel by land — railway and motor vehicles.

    Second, what, exactly, does Chisholm think the Canadian government is capable of doing about it?

    And third, does anyone know what the Canadian government charges as an entry fee to citizens of other countries?

  4. 4

    Someone has to pay for the red tape.
    It would have been curteous of our good and great partner to the south, to waive a fee, but it’s their option. We have the same option.
    In the scheme of things i.e: a $500. airplane ticket, I don’t think that it will alienate any travellers.
    I don’t like it.

  5. 5
    youngshoutman Says:

    How about an article on the economic situation currently affecting the EU?
    I’m sure everyone would like to know your views.

  6. 6

    Of course it’s fair.

    Snobbish, superior Canadians — who think they are so much better than Americans — can’t wait to enter the U.S. every chance they get. And they load up on all manner of consumer goods because of the savings they get once across the border.

    The only thin unfair about the levy is that it’s no where near enough; it should be $50.00 a head…and Canadians will still be ahead of the ballgame.

  7. 7

    Ah, Tony. You were doing so well with your commentaries lately. Now, you’ve slipped back to the mundane.
    “Snobbish, superior Canadians — who think they are so much better than Americans —”
    That’s just not true. It’s not an accurate description of Canadians at all, I guarantee it.
    All along, because of your strong opinions on Quebec’s bill 101, I thought you were an ex-pat.
    Mon erreur!

  8. 8
    jim Says:

    Let’s have an export tax of $5.50 per barrel on our Alberta oil.

  9. 9
    Darren Says:

    As with all Agreements with the US ….Canada is getting the Crappy End of the Stick again. I live in a Border town and I see it everyday ….. Americans come here buy stuff and we give them back the tax they paid …BUT I goto Detroit and I am forced to pay Duty on Everything I buy while I was in Detroit how is this Fair to Canadian’s ? ITS NOT Brian Mulroney made sure to screw Canadians with the Cross Border Free Trade Agreement…. Then there was the immediate accusation that the Terrorists that crossed into America and did the damage they did back in Sept 01 crossed from Canadian Soil which in fact was false now we as Canadians have to have a Passport to Cross into the USA ? We had one war with the USA and it was back in 1812 so why are we being treated like a 3rd world Country? They get the vast majority of their Minerals their Lumber and their Oil and Gas from Canada at a HUGE Discount yet we Canadian’s get treated like scum and are forced to get Passports to enter a country that we already signed a Treaty with for Peace

  10. 10
    Darren Says:

    Also I agree with Jim above me…… except I would have increased the Amount …. basically they buy our oil at a HUGE Discount and TAX FREE then they refine it and sell it back to us at a 160% Mark Up and then charge us TAX on the same oil we sold them TAX FREE…. Is it not odd that they Pay $3 a Gallon for gas and we pay (the equivalent in us math) $5 a Gallon up here for Gas ??? Um wasn’t it OUR OIL to begin with ? Why are we paying almost double what they are ?

  11. 11

    jim writes;

    Let’s have an export tax of $5.50 per barrel on our Alberta oil.

    Uh, the federal government already taxes each barrel of Alberta oil, jim. To the tune of about $10 billion a year.

  12. 12

    Darren writes:

    Is it not odd that they Pay $3 a Gallon for gas and we pay (the equivalent in us math) $5 a Gallon up here for Gas ???

    Nothing “odd” about it, Darren. The reason you’re paying so much more for gas here in Canada is that about 60% of each dollar pay at the pump goes to taxes of one sort or another. Don’t blame the oil companies (which provide you with a hell of a good service); blame your governments — provincial, municipal, and federal — if you are unhappy with the price at the pump.

  13. 13

    Collusion is very difficult to prove. I think that the oil companies are guilty as hell and the government makes 60% of every rip-off, so why would they clean it up.
    I am very unhappy with the price at the pump, so I buy my gas in the USA
    .However, It’s a great relief to know that it’s Canadian after all. Phew!

  14. 14
    jim Says:

    Tony – My main point was about retribution. However the real tax cost of gasoline is in Federal Tax and Provincial Tax, both of these are taxes on taxes. Talk about getting hosed, There are Excise Taxes. How about the Municipal Taxes. They are a Tax on a Tax on a Tax.. How about the Invisible Tax where you pay for the gasoline which evaporated when fuelling at the pump. How about the tanker who hauls the fuel up from Texas into Ontario If he doesn’t refuel his own vehicle in each state he passes through, he has to pay an equivalent tax as if he had fueled there. Whew, I’m going out to get gassed

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