For a long time now there have been charges and counter-charges about crooked dealing in the Quebec construction industry – bribes, over-payments – government  kick-backs. A new poll out today shows that 77 per cent of Quebeckers want an inquiry. Premier Charest maintains that any charges of corruption are a matter for the police to investigaste – not for a costly public inquiry. Some say Charest fears a full inquiry would hurt the Liberal party.

Rumours in today’s press say Charest is moving closer to a major inquiry and may, in fact, announce one tomorrow morning.

Should there be an inquiry into the Quebec construction industry?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    The problem is not just corruption, it`s the way the game is played. In last a recent gazette piece, it was suggested that we allow far more competition in the bidding process. As it is now,it seems easy to fix the results.

    We had Pierre Marc Johnson making recommendations, on that overpass collapse,and it changed exactly nothing. If you look closely at things here-the obsession with grievances, the insistance on doing things a special way-you have to wonder if there`s a relation,and if things will ever change here.

  2. 2

    I think we should have an inquiry-In the next breath, the Premier will call an election. (before the results of the inquiry are known).
    Millions will be spent and absolutely nothing will change. Maybe the crooks will learn to better camouflage the corruption.
    Bribery and kick backs are a part of the Quebec (and elsewhere) culture.
    “Cross my palm with silver” and I’ll tell you more…

    Does anyone remember? Jean Drapeau said “there is no organized crime in Quebec”. That was just about the time that I became cynical about politics.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Legault and his new movement are promising fairly serious changes to the way we do things here.

  4. 4
    youngshoutman Says:

    Absolutely, even if there wasn’t any corruption it would definitely ruffle their feathers and thats always a good thing as for the cost of an inquiry lets take it from Canada after all it’s not as if we’re SEPARATE!

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