I don’t understand why Canadian oil billionaires keep inviting George Bush up here to give a vapid speech at a hundred grand a pop.

But sure enough Bush will be up here again next week.

And as the same time, Amnesty International has come up with an interesting idea.

Amnesty has called on the Canadian government to investigate, arest and prosecute Bush for torture.

There is no doubt  that Bush and his fellow war-criminal, Dick Cheney, signed off on water torture, a war cime recognized by the international community, including Canada.

So Bush and Cheney remain two unindicted war criminals.

Wouldn’t Canada stand tall if they nailed this guy.

What about a citizen’s arrest?

Should they try for Bush?


  1. 1

    Yes, let’s get Bush arrested.

    And then the murderer (Neil McKenty’s words, not mine) Barack Obama should be next.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    No one that I know is after Obama but plenty would like to nail Bush and Cheney.

  3. 3

    Neil writes:

    No one that I know is after Obama but plenty would like to nail Bush and Cheney.

    Uh, tell you what, Neil: do a google search on “Obama impeach war crimes” and then you can come back here and revise what you wrote.

    And in the event you think it’s just some fringe element calling for his impeachment, see what Ralph Nader has to say:

  4. Tony is right on that one. Imam Awlaki was murdered on direct order from the White House. That is a war crime and even more, since the Imam was an U.S. born citizen it violated his constitutional rights to due process, so it is also a crime in the U.S.
    Why not have a Nuremberg like trial for Bush, Cheney, Obama and the lawyers who wrote the legal advice giving the green light to Awlaki’s execution. For good measure let’s throw in the C.I.A. guys responsible for Irak and the mercenaries at work in Afghanistan.

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