After months of political strip tease, Sarah Palin finally decided.  She won’t run for president after all.  Her explanation is that she puts her family, God and the country in that order.

Far more likely she looked at the data and threw  up her hands.  She has the highest unfavourable ratings of any politician in the country.  An ABC poll just out says two-thirds of Republicans did not want palin to run. A late September poll on CNN  showed that Mr. Obama would beat ms Palin by 21 percentage points if an election were held today.

Palin, in my view, is a semi-hysterical woman – a harridan of the first order.  She won’t have any real influence on the campaign.  Can you imgine any of the real candidates suing on bended knee for her endorsement   It’s a laugher.

Even some of the Tea Party feel she teased them, then sold them out.

Why did Palin chicken out?

What do  you think?


  1. 1
    joe agnost Says:

    First a correction… she said “God, family and country” is the order of her priorities. Yup – this “family” oriented wacko doesn’t put her family first – they come AFTER her fictional deity, and that’s just disgusting in my mind.

    I don’t believe she ever intended to run. I don’t believe she had even the slightest urge to run. She doesn’t want a “real” job – why would she? She just wants to be seen as a big player in politics without having any of the responsibilities that go along with being an elected official. She’s an entertainer, not a serious politician.

    Just like Trump before her she’s just in it for ego and money and would crummble if she ended up with actual responsibilities. If she quit on a state of 5 million what makes you think she could govern a country of 300+ million??

  2. 2
    Trev Says:

    Alaska does not have 5 million residents, that would make it have more populous than Scotland! In fact it has more like 700, 000 residents, roughly one-tenth of the population of Quebec.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:


    I think your analysis of Palin’s reasons for not running is dead on the money. An entertainer, not a po litician. In fact, I thi nk her act will soon begin to wear pretty thin.

  4. 4

    Did I not predict this? She wasn’t dubbed The Quitbull for nothing! LOL!

    But actually, I have to admit to a bit of disappointment with her quitting so early. If nothing else, she appeals to the quirk in the entertainment division of politics…

  5. 5
    Barbara Says:

    Next step — Dancing with the Stars!

  6. 6

    Why is Palin such a threat to everyone posting here?

    She’s probably not running because, to do so, means having an incredibly thick skin in order to take the kind of abuse one gets in politics. I don’t think it’s a negative reflection on her for deciding not too. Indeed, she can have a great influence on the national debate from the sidelines.

    And, by the way, I never heard her say at any time that she would definitively run for president…so why the snide remarks at her decision not to run?

    Fact is, many agree with her views and if she wants to continue to express them and people want to continue listening to her, what’s the problem with that?

    I happen to like her views (most of them, anyway). I’m pleased to hear her weigh in on the issues and to the degree to which what she has to say has an effect, I think that’s just great.

    A strong woman who is also very pretty is, to most misogynists, a manifestation of cognitive dissonance. She threatens you; how, you think, can she be so beautiful and yet have the ability to run a government as well?

    Fact is — as I’ve pointed out here before — when she was on the ticket in 2000, she had more executive experience than Biden, Obama, and McCain combined. Fact. Indeed, as we are seeing now, having a community organizer with zero executive experience is reaping much suffering for all Americans…and, by extension, the world.

    Does anyone doubt for a minute that had Palin been president for the past 2 1/2 years instead of the incompetent ultra-judicial murderer that currently occupies the White House, that we would be in an infinitely better position than we are now?

  7. 7
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Well, I have also listened intently to Palin’s views. And so far I don’t have a clue as to what the hell she is on about. When Palin couldn’t tell Kouric what reading she did (if indeed she ever reads anything) it was the truest statement I ever heard her make. Palin bailed ou t on Alaska. Alaskans weree lucky. What a dimwit.

  8. 8
    jim Says:

    Sure she had more experience than the other runners for Pres.. Her legacy will be that she built a very expensive bridge to nowhere in Alaska. She should have been put on a slow boat to China were she couldn’t have done any harm. I would like to have accompanied the dish, but thank God I didn’t, as it turns out, according to Neil, she’s an

  9. 9

    Couric also attempted “gotcha” journalism with Pain by asking her what she thought about the so-called “Bush Doctrine”. Palin’s uncertain answer was widely reported — snidely, just as you write about her, Neil — as evidence of her ignorance.

    Fact is that Couric didn’t know what she herself was talking about, and the person who coined the term — Charles Krauthammer (a Montreal boy, by the way) — said as much.

  10. 10
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Tony, I think you may have slipped up. Kouric didn’t ask Palin about the Bush Doctrine. ABC’s Charlie Gibson. Whoever asked her, she shure didn’t have a clue about the answer.

  11. 11
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Yes, you’re right; I stand corrected.

    Whoever it was, THEY didn’t know about it and didn’t do the research.

    I’d rather have a common sense blue-collar worker calling the shots as president who’s actually had a business and may be short on intellectual persuits than a Harvard educated intellectual with no worldly experience.

  12. 12

    Tony Palin doesn’t “threaten” anyone who’s aware of her history. If anything, she’s more of an annoyance for serious politicos than anything else. Like a mosquito inside your tent at night.

    And Katie Couric asked Palin what newspapers she read. She couldn’t answer.

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