The Harper government seems hell bent for leather to raise the profile of the monarchy in Canada and in so doing make the country more royal.

Consider what’s been happening.  Our armed forces must be called “royal”.

And what about this?  Two years in jail for preventing someone from displaying a Canadian flag!

The monarchist bent of the Harper government is even more intolerable than its overzealous veneration  of the national flag.  From now on, all Canadian embassies  will be forced to welcome their visitors with a huge portrait of the Queen –  a misrepresentation of modern Canada  where the British monarchy is nothing but a mere symbol.

Worse still, two landscapes of Alfred Pellan, one of Quebec’s foremost 20th century artists (ironically he was a committed federalist)  were removed from the Foreign Affairs headquarters in Ottawa and replaced by a picture of the Queen.

French canadians are not hostile to the crown.  They are indifferent.  What they don’t  want to see is more symbols of a history they don’t share forced on them.

Should Canada become more royal?

What do  you think?


  1. 1
    jim Says:

    A couple of years ago, Jean the governor general of Canada was into a speech in Paris and en passant and in an innocuous way mentioned that she had made it from the backwoods of Haiti to become “head of state of Canada”. Well, the Monarchist League of Canada and Harper the carper jumped in later, to state that the Queen was head of state and that Jean was the Queen’s representative. I think that the Queen (Helen Mirren) is a very nice lady and has a thankless job. What I don’t like about the job is that it can never be held by a Catholic. On top of that she/he must be crowned in a Protestant Church. Right now it looks as if we will not be able to make changes to the present situation under our Constitution, but it could be done in a later generation if only people like Harper will stop trying to reverse the trend. For starters we should get rid of her mug on our coins and bills. On the other hand when USers are in Canada, the Canadian money is just about the only demonstrable example that we are different from them.
    Harper is hammering nails into his coffin politically every time he kisses ass about the queen, flag and portraits. If the NDP can get their act straight and appoint a new leader soonest, Harper the carper will be handing votes to the NDP with his pro monarchy talk. On the other,other hand with absolutely no connection to the queen, we sort of get lost in the eyes of other nations because of our small population. If we could be a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, others would look at us as having a lot of brothers and sisters and watch out. We are all for one, and one for all.
    In the meantime Harper shaddup.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Not only must the monarch be a Protestant, but one of her titles is “Defender of the Faith” – naturally, the Protestant faith.

    By the way, Jim, Canada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

  3. We elected the creep. Three more years and we can boot him out, Alberta permitting and the 405..

  4. I meant the 905.

  5. 5
    Agatha Brentonbury Says:

    I, for one do not support the monarchy

  6. 6

    Neil, not the Protestant faith in a general sense (it does not refer in any way to Baptists or Methodists or any other Protestant sect), but specifically, the title, “Defender of the Faith” delineates her as the head of the Church of England, and the only person in the world who outranks Rowan Williams. Or any other Archbishop of Canterbury who may come along in his or her lifetime.

    I noted with interest that, a few years ago, Charles said he intends to change the title to, “Defender of Faith.” That raised a few eyebrows at the time, but I haven’t heard anything of it lately. We shall see…

    “What they don’t want to see is more symbols of a history they don’t share forced on them.”

    Well, too bad, ain’t it? Thay also apparently don’t want to aknowledge the history in which they actually played a large part — and lost! Revisionism is very convenient when one wishes to bitch and chew.

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