A new American security report suggests beefing up security at the Canadian border –  possibly through he construction of “selective fencing” and trenches as well as enhanced electronic surveillance.  The report also states that the Canadian-U.S border is the “longest non-militarized openborder in the world.”

The report also notes there are signficantlyfewer “illegal incursions’ than at the southwest border with Mexico.

American security officials describe our border situation this way: “….Attempts at illegal immigration and smuggling regularly occur in this region, and known terrorist affiliates  and extremist groups have an undisputed presence along the Northern Border in both the United States and Canada.

Hence the need for “selective fencing”  along our border.

A U.S. government official says “A border fence along the northern border is not being  considered at this time.”

What does that mean?

Should there be a border fence along the Canadian border as there is along the Mexican border.

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Canadians may well want to consider a fence: with the impending financial crisis (which will make the ’08 recession look like boom times) there will be hoards of starving, out of work Americans looking to get into Canada. Thanks to one Paul Martin we are sitting pretty in this regard and our financial situation will attract Americans to come to here despite our freezing winters and inadequate supply of freshly sqeezed orange juice.

    So a fence may be a very good idea indeed…AND the Americans will pay for it!

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    If, as you suggest, Tony, we are on the edge of financial Armaggedden, then a bloody fence won’t save us, no matter who builds it.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    They keep reminding us that the longest border in the world is undefended. Well, what is the explanation for the fact that most of the U.S. Custom’s Agents are armed.
    Now, when they build that fence, and when they lay it 350 miles across Lake Superior, and then go down 1300 feet, I want to know if the fence will be solid or if it will be porous to the extent that fish, the type with fins, will be able to cross the border 1000′ down. Is there a hook to this freedom? If one has a yacht, will the fence force it to stay out. Will the fence block the pollution coming into Canada or will it be fitted with flappers that will allow pollution into Canada but will block Canadian pollution into the U.S. They will have to hire a new breed of Custom Agents who have some experience with “sitting on the fence”. Of course there is always the end run around the fence in the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. The fence won’t work of course, however, it is a “make work” project for the latinos who came under the other fence.

  4. 4
    Barbara Says:

    They are just saying this to get you upset, Neil. Lots of ideas are floated, but few come to fruition. I hope this one dies in the water.

  5. 5
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Just to get me upset, Barbara. This blog would not last long without the nutters out there.

  6. 6
    Barbara Says:

    🙂 Nor would it last long without your hair-trigger leaps into high dudgeon.

  7. 7
    jim Says:

    BTW – If the U.S. build a fence, they should build it on their border, not ours.

  8. They backtracked and, after all, they will not build a fence. Anyway, they would have been just as skilled at digging tunnels under it than anyone else elsewhere to come and get cheap prescriptions up here.

  9. 9
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    jim: way, WAY more pollution emanates from the Canadian side than from the American side (and although I don’t have any stats to back it up, I believe that’s true even without considering a per capita basis).

    Where were you, jimbo, when we were discussing the tar sands?

    But this was true even pre-tar sands. Thirty years ago when Ronald Reagan visited Canada he was greeted by protesters against U.S. acid rain…but of course at least half of the acid rain came from Canada.

  10. 10
    jim Says:

    Tony – The U.S. has ten times the population of Canada. Are you saying that we pollute more than they do? My previous pollution remark was really directed to the Lake Superior and the fence.. The industrial core of the U.S. and Canada borders on the Great Lakes. The U.S. pollution overwhelms what Canada produces in our two major cities, Toronto and Hamilton, and if you wish the Welland Canal Area Think about it. The U.S. population in states bordering the Great Lakes and no more than 50 miles from the lakes, amounts to the total population for all of Canada.

  11. 11
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    jim: I am speculating without any hard facts at my disposal but I suspect that the tar sands alone — and other heavy “natural resource” industries we have for good measure– may very well mean we put out more pollution even at 1/10th the population.

    Plus, the Americans have much stricter anti-pollution laws than we do.

    But, certainly, on a per capita basis I am sure we pollute more.

  12. its been awesome reading through your blog page and simply just thought I would say bless you and wished I could write like that.

  13. 13
    jim Says:

    Tony – Did you read this past week that Canada has been voted by WHO to be the third cleanest country in the world. It seems that we may have made a higher grade if it hadn’t been for Sarnia. Unfortunately when the air pollution part of the survey was being conducted in Sarnia, there was a major, major forest fire across the river/border entering Ontario. The Canadian survey included the tar/oil sands in Alberta.

  14. Hi friend its been good checking your blog page and basically thought I would say thanks and wish you all the best.

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