If a general election were held in Quebec today, a new Leger survey shows  that former pequiste businessman, Francois Legault would lead a majority government into power. Among decided voters, 34 per cent would vote for  a  Leg per cent for Leault party, compared to 25 for the Liberals, 17 per cent for the PQ and nine per cent for the  ADQ.

The poll spokesperson explains that after the big Wave to the NDp in May, “Quebecers are waiting for Wave 2 of the big cleanup.”

Legault is far ahead of his rivals among francophone voters – and this despite the fact that legault wants to head a business government with empahsis on the eoncomyy.  Legault has taken the sovereignist option off the table for at least a decade.ault party

A Legault party would take voters away from aall other parties.  Twenty-four per cent of PQ voters  and 17 per cent of Liberals would switch to a Legault party which expects to be up and   before the end of the year.

Do you thINK Quebec is ready for a new business-oriented party led by Francipis Legault?

Do you think such a party could be elected in the next election?

Would you consider voting for such a party?

What do you think?


  1. I would not vote for privatizer and separatist in disguise Legault. But I’m afraid that many Quebecers sick and tired of the Liberals and P.Q,, weary of the A.D.Q., could vote for Legault not fully realizing whjat he stands for.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    That’s interesting, Paul. Before your welcome comment I thought I might give Legault and Sirois a shot. Now I will think again. Thanks.

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    1) Separists – kaput.
    2) Charest has been chiseling away at non-francophone rights, such as schools not having english text books, but are tested on what is in the books. Also he has failed to maintain Quebec’s infrastructure on roads, overpasses, and bridges. Also underhandedly tax us by way of a fine of $1089.00 for exceeding speed limit of 120 km hr. Ontario, for same offence $90.00. All his sneaky machinations will cost him the English vote.
    3) Legault is trying to get erase his separatist past without verbalizing it. He will get the English vote if he maintains his position on – no talk of separation for 10 years. The ADQ were somewhat on the same track, and then screwed it up by waffleing on the independance issue.
    4) The miscellaneous are no-shows even before they are out of the starter’s gate.

  4. 4

    My jury is out on this one. What choice do we have here? None, right now.
    Ideally, a terrific Liberal contender for the top job steps forward…
    Okay, I am dreaming!

    BTW-I don’t blame Charest for all of our problems- He has been trying to mop up after 50 years of uncertainty, neglect. & corruption in this province.

    (re: corruption- who DIDN’T KNOW what was going on during Expo “67 & Olympics ’76?)

    I am however, disappointed in him- I think he would have been a better Prime Minister and that’s the job he worked for. He seems to be 1/2 hearted running Quebec. Of course it’s a thankless job.

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