Clergy sex abuse vigctims – tired of a run-around from Rome on punshing sex abuse bishops – have asked the Intrernational Criminal court to investigate the pope aand his senior cardinals for possible crimes against humanity.

Attorneys for the victims say rape, sexual violence and torture are considered crimes against humanity as dscribed in the intrnational treaty that spells out the court’s manadate.

The Vatican is fighting hard on multiple fronts to keep sex abuse files  from the civil authorities.  Just last month, the Vatican was forced to turn over internal personnel files  of an abusive priest to lawyers representing a victim in Oregonn.

Is it any wonder these victims who have been raped and molested  by priests and bishops are going to the world’s international criminal court.  Every time a new credible allegation of priestly sex abuse is made, the authorities of the R.C. church – from the pope  down – go into their regulard song and dance.  We are dreadfully sorrow,  we accept full responsbility and we will do what we can for the victims.  And it ends there.  There are no practical conseqences.  No heads roll.  The pope sees to it that the bishops who aided and abetted these vicious crimes remain firmly in place.  There will e no real healing until criminal bishops either resign or are ousted by Rome.

The prosecutors’ office at the criminal court says the documents from the sex abuse victims have arrived and are being studied.

Should the International criminal Court investigate the Vatican’s sex abuse policies?

what do you think?


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Investigate, indict, and prosecute…and Benny’s writ should be on top of the pile.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Even if the court were to convict the pope of crimes against humanity, it is doubtful they could drag him away in handcuffs and chains, seeing that he is the head of a sovereign state.

  3. 3
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    …then he should practise what he preaches and give himself up to the jurisdiction of the international court voluntarily:

    “Render unto Caesar what is due Caesar; render unto the Lord what is due the Lord”.

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    What is it that transpired around the world decades ago, whereby, if a father took his son to the police department to complain to the desk sergeant that the local priest had boned his son, that the sergeant took no action to send an officer over to the mance to collar the sicko? In the case of an ordinary citizen, they would have crashed thru his front door to get at him.
    How did this understanding of lack of apprehension of clergy become a worldwide right of the police not to chase, and the pope not to dump the priest, who, in laying his hands on a young boy or girl, layed on them a lifetime of pain and suffering..
    Why can’t the pope see, from his end of the spectrum, that he can make a major change right now, today, by firing all the deviates on the church’s payroll. Sadly he won’t do it. He belongs to the old school of “shoving it under the carpet”. Mark my words this pope is going to pulverize St Peter’s rock before he wakes up.
    Processing any legal procedures thru the International Court will take years. In the meantime, the rape of the children will go on daily.
    If the pope wants guidance from above, the question he should ask himself is, if Jesus were standing right beside him watching him make decisions, would he make changes
    to his way of thinking?

  5. 5

    Do you think that abuse in the church is going on right now? Wouldn’t that be sheer arrogance!
    I don’t think that holding the Pope etc. responsible is the right avenue to take, because of the amount of evidence it would take to get any convictions.
    However, a suppoenna of records would be good, and of course, bringing the accused to trial quickly.
    There should be more support at the victim’s level- financial, legal & medical. I am pretty sure that a victim wouldn’t have a better life knowing in 50 years that the Pope could go on trial, if that’s all that happens in their case.
    We donate so much money to countries in disaster, we should set up a disaster fund for abuse victims, and the churches should contribute. The money that will be spent on getting an International tribunal would go a long way at ground level, to improve people’s lives, instead of lawyers lives.
    and that’s NOT to say we ignore legal challenges, just be selective.

  6. 6
    joe agnost Says:

    jim asked: “Why can’t the pope see, from his end of the spectrum, that he can make a major change right now, today, by firing all the deviates on the church’s payroll.”

    Because he’d have to fire himself too…

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