Canadians subsidize the CBC to the tune of a billion dollars a year.  Now the Mother Corp is using some of that tax money to protect its secrets. Canadian taxpayers are rightly upset that the CBC is going to court to challenge a ruling that says the CBC must be more accountable with tapayer money.

A new survey shows that 64 per cent of Canadians object to tax money being used to keep the CBC secrets.  The CBC has received an F rating for refusing to respond to access-to-information requests.

CBC brass say they will fight the case all the way to the Surpreme Court.

How much money does the CBC pay for its own access-to-information requests?

What does the CBC spend on restaurants and hospitality?

What does the CBC pay to send an executive to Harvard?

What does the CBC pay Peter Mansbridge?  Does anybody know?  Should we know?

The CBC’s taxpayer funding often comes under fire from critics.

Should the CBC be using tax money denying taxpayers’ information that is rightfully theirs?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Government subsidized companies run just the way the government runs…no accountability and a bottomless money pit!

  2. 2

    I’m more interested in knowing why the CBC thinks it’s so important to keep this information secret than I am in having the secrets, themselves.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Of course the government is accountable to Parliament and the Auditor-General who wields a mean scalpel.

  4. 4

    Neil: I guess that explains the G8 fiasco (or “fiesta” for some). The “accountability” you describe above, would be the recent travel questions of the previous Governor General, and in Quebec The Lt. Gov.? The burgeoning public service?
    I like the Auditor General, I also like the Budget officer, but they can’t keep up with the entitled and I dare say, they are are not supported in their efforts!
    Who the heck signs off on some of these expenditures? What slips past? Why do they need to get caught? It’s like a disease…a infectious disease.

  5. 5

    That the government is “accountable” to anyone is gonna come as a huge shock to the government!

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