In his column in this morning’s Montreal Gazette, Mike Boone discusses a new group called Guerrilla Queer Bar takeover – one part party, one part social experiment and one part activism.

On September 22 a group of non-heterosexuals will meet for an evening of  gaiety at a drinking establishment that does not cater to either a gay or lesbian clientele.  Participants won’t know their destination until a day before the event.

The Washington Post describes the GQB recipe as “mix a  few hundred gay and straight patrons in a small space, add music and alcohol and see what happens.”

Boone writes “the best case scenario is a few hours of boozy peace, love and understanding.  The worst-case scenario is a busy night for Urgence Sante.” The event’s manifesto begins: “Sick of the same gay bars in the village every weekend, year in year out?  Sick of o nly having ONE option for a lesbian bar in the city?  The new gay group plans on taking over straight bars on the first Friday of every month, spreading the gay agenda across the entire city.   (http://the GQB informs the straight bar the night before.

Will straight bar patrons be upset by an influx of gays?

Should gays stick to their own bars?

Should gays frequent straight bars?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    and yes, they should go to the back of the bus! What?
    I can’t see any reason why people of all “colours” couldn’t go to bars of all “colours”. It comes down to comportment. If you like a wild night out at a strip bar, then you would seek that out. If you like to go out, meet new people & have fun- then integration is the way to go.
    There is enough space for everyone and I look forward to the day when people are not labelled…it’s time!

  2. 2

    Well said, Patti!

    There are no such actual things as “gay” bars or “straight” bars. There are bars that host frequent-flyer-type crowds, is all. Regulars. But there is no law prohibiting someone from visiting any bar, so long as he is of legal drinking age and of good conduct.

    If it gets rowdy, folks get arrested. Otherwise, freedom of association is a guaranteed right.

    And…by the way…this is the precise tactic used by anti-smokers to get rid of smoking in restaurants. And it worked.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    What about those straight bars populated by hard-drinkiing male red-necks? Would gays be welcome there?

  4. 4

    Not straight bars, Neil; just bars. And populated or not, by anyone.

    And there is a big difference between being legally allowed and being welcomed.

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