Remember when hostilities broke out in Libya about six months ago.  President Obama received conflicting advice.  The right told him to go into Libya with thousands of boots on the ground.  The left told him to stay out completely.

Obama ignored both extremes.  He carefully calibrated a middle way by building a coalition anchored by France and Britain, kept the U.S. out of operational control (executed in fact by a Quebecois General in Naples), offered no boots on the ground and said his main objective was the removal of Quaddaffi.

Boy, did Obama hit the jack pot.  The Quaddaffi regime is now collapsing in the ruins of Tripoli.  Libya is now ready for a new regime that will end 42 years of ruinous dictatorship.

Like his daring take-out of   bin Laden, Obama now adds the triumph in Libya to the scalps on his belt.

In 2012 the GOP will have a difficult time attacking Obama’s foreign policy.

Is Libya a big win for Obama?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Neil McKenty Says:


    Friday pm. I am in B arrie, Ontario, for a family wedding this evening. Was notg able to connect to the Internet during out lay-over in Kingston. Sorry about that. Back in business now.

    Have a great week-end.

  2. 2
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    If Obama dropped a nuclear bomb on downtown Teheran, Neil, you’d claim he discovered the cure for cancer.

    Obama’s war machine murdered thousands of innocent women and children, of a country and dictator with whom the U.S. had diplomatic relations.

    Tell me, Neil, does Libya have oil? If so, what role did have on his decision to go Turkey hunting?

  3. 3
    dharma Says:

    obama is another osama. osama was bad from out side but obama is bad from inside. these politicians never change. so a new concept should be created which
    is better than politics….

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