In his last letter to his party, Jack Layton advised them to make haste choosing a new leader who should be in place early in the New Year in plenty of time for the next election.

Jack was the smost credible and charismatic leader for the Canadian Left.  Is they anyone who can take his place?

There are names galore but are there any real leaders?

Thomas Mulcair – A Quebecker with a big brain and a hot temper.

Libby Davis – Vancouver  – heavy on the social democratic wing of the party.  She is now deputy leader.

Gary Doer –  successful NDP premier of Manitoba before Harper named him ambassador to Washington.  Doer balanced his budget and recognized the rights of gays to marry.  He is perfectly bilingual and would be a formidable candidate.

Could Layton’s widow, Olivia Chow, succeed her husband.

Do other possible successors occur to you?

Do you think any of the successors mentioned so far could defeat Harper?

Can the NDP  survive the loss of Jack Layton?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Jack Layton was one of the few high level politicians around who didn’t embrace sleeze.
    There is a twin to Jack who would make an excellent replacement if voters don’t mind his age, Stephen Lewis

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:


    I sharte your enthusiasm for Stephen Lewis but I doubt he will give up his work on Aids in Africa for partisan politics in Canada.

  3. 3
    Cate McB Says:

    Stephen Lewis will only be 74 in November. Would he give up his work on AIDS in Africa? Never say never. When situations change and urgent new needs arise, you just never know what gifted individuals may do.

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    But he will be 78 at the time of the next federal election. No dice. Nuff said.

  5. 5
    Cate McB Says:

    Stephen Lewis & Ed Broadbent must be around the same age. Neither need run in any coming election. But they and others like them may provide much-needed leadership to the NDP at this time. The new Broadbent think-tank is going to be interesting to watch but its still embryionic.

  6. 6
    Steamer Says:

    Avi Lewis,
    Craig Keilburger
    Gary Doer
    Paul Dewar and
    Thomas Mulcair

    would make for a dynamite leadership race, all would continue Jack’s legacy and all would bring the NDP to the forefront of the opposition at the very least.

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