Is addiction – to alcohol and drugs etc. – an expression of bad behavior?  Is it a lack of will power?

According to a new medical study addiction is neither of the above.  It is instead a chronic brain disorder.

If this is true it would free any addict of moral turpitude for bad behavior.

One of the lead doctors in the study writes:  “The disease creates distortions in thinking, feeling  and pereceptions, which drives people to behave in ways that are not understandable to others around them.”

However, despite suffering from a brain disorder, addicts can still make choices to move toward a program of recovery.  Since its foundation in the 1930’s. Alcoholics Anonymous has pointed the way to recovery.  AA is based on a 120step program of spiritual and character development.

If addiction is the result of a chronic brain disorder, does that free the addict from responsibility for his or her actions while under the influence of, say, alcohol?

What do you think?

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