President Obama has been in the mid-West on a bus tour promoting American jobs.  He says he want more good to be stamped “Made in the U.S.A.”

On this political tour Obama was riding in a new but that cost more then a million dollars with all its security and communications equipment.  Now comes the supreme irony.  The president, on a tour to promote American jobs, was riding around in a bus made in Canada.  By a firm in Quebec no less.

Surely that is a political boo-boo of the first order.  As Hot Air senior writer, Ed Morrissey put it:  “Buying two buses from a Canadian company while promising to create jobs in the U.S. is the worst kind of optics imaginable.”

Do you agree?

Should Obama be riding around in a Canadian bus?

And a second question.  Obama leaves today for a 10-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.   The President is taking a lot of heat expecially on Fox that he should be holidaying and hobnobbing with the rich when so many Americans are out of work.

Does Obama deserve a holiday?


  1. 1
    truelibertarian Says:

    He has the most stressful job in the world, whether you love him, like him, tolerate him, dislike him, or hate him. And the Tea Partiers are just making it worse with all their tripe. Yeah, I think he deserves a vacation.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    So do I.

    No matter when Obama takes a vacation he will be criticized.

  3. 3
    truelibertarian Says:

    He’s probably criticized for everything he does, including eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. I don’t think it matters.

  4. 4
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    1) yes he deserves a holiday. Even misguided people work hard and deserve a break. Plus, the less he’s around Washington the less the chance he can screw thomgs up.

    2) No, buying a Canadian made bus is not the wrong message. Good for him; free trade has been a win-win for both countries.

  5. 5

    Maybe he’s “hob-nobbing” with his kids for a few days before they go back to school. Good for him!
    As for all the out of work Americans-maybe they should lower their expectations and find any job to make money and get off the welfare system. During good times, lots of people had jobs, titles, and life styles they really didn’t deserve or earn. Maybe this is a dose of reality.
    Our farmers here have a hard time hiring pickers, who’ll do a days work instead of collecting welfare. It’s really discouraging for those of us who worked hard and didn’t suck the system dry.
    As for Canadian-made buses…we drive lots of American made cars, so what?
    The news mongers must not have much news seeking talent.

  6. 6

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