The Harper government which wants this country to have more prisons and more guns is on record to abolish the long-gun registry.  Quebec Public Secuirty Minister, Robert Dutil, says of his government “we think we have good arguments for keeping the long-gun registry.  During the 2008 campaign Premier Charest urged all the parties to maintain and reinforce gun-control regulations.

A Harper majority will have no trouble axing the gun-registry.   Harper says the money spent to keep the registry alive is unjustified and also it punishes law-abiding gun owners.

The Conservatives argue the database carries incomplete and unreliable information.

But supports counter tht it is an essential tool for law enforcement and contend that it saves live.

Several questions should be considered before Quebec legislates on gun control.

Does the registry have a positive effect on reducing crime?   The answer is yes.  On reducing suicide?  Yes.  Do police use and supportt the registry?  Yes.

Is the registry used in solving a wide range of crimes?  Yes.

Should Quebec control its own guns?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Neil writes:

    Does the registry have a positive effect on reducing crime? The answer is yes. On reducing suicide? Yes. Do police use and supportt the registry? Yes.

    In the U.S., violent crimes are much higher than in Canada. However, this category of crimes is a very small percentage of all crimes.

    For all other categories of crimes, the U.S. is on par with Canada and Canada in some categories are significantly higher than in the U.S.

    There is a growing body of evidence that gun ownership — particularly the right to carry concealed weapons — is a great deterrent to crime.

    So I when it comes to reducing violent crime, Neil is right when he says a registry may reduce crime…but having the right to carry guns probably reduces 99% of all crimes.

    I also prefer that citizens have the ability to protect themselves against the state. Show me a totalitarian state and I’ll show you a nation with a strict gun control law/registry.

  2. 2
    Barbara Says:

    I wonder if the long-gun registry is all that effective. I do not know. I think most violent crimes are committed by concealable weapons and automatic weapons. Rifles don’t seem to be a major cause of violent crime. Is there something I am missing?

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Tony – You said ” but having the right to carry guns probably reduces 99% of all crimes.”
    I am going to let your remark just hang there in all its glory. Maybe the word “probably” is an escape route for you.
    BTW – The Supreme Court of Canada issued a press release on January 22, 2004, and I’ll quote this excerpt “In 2001 the U.S. had 10,130 homicides, Canada had 171.”
    You also said “Show me a totalitarian state and I’ll show you a nation with strict gun control law/registry.” Maybe. But that same totalitarian state’s citizens are shot by the state and not by its citizens, as evidenced by the homicide rate in Moscow which is one of the lowest in the world, for cities.
    You last paragraph also reeks of the NRA. Have a nice evening unless you’ve made other plans.

  4. 4


    May I suggest that you reread my post again?

  5. 5

    “Does the registry have a positive effect on reducing crime? The answer is yes.”


    “On reducing suicide? Yes.”

    Uh…no. The number of incidents of suicide by long gun is low to begin with, but if someone wants to commit suicide, there are other ways to accomplish their goal.

    “Do police use and supportt the registry? Yes.”

    Well, duh. However, the police also support the decriminalization of personal marijuana use, so I don’t actually see the relevance for anyone else. What the police support or don’t support speaks directly to the help/hindrance it gives their jobs. They’re not in the business of doing what’s “good for” anyone — they’re in the business of trying to enforce the law. And when it comes to running through lists of suspects in armed robberies, of course they’re going to want a registry! They’d like to have everyone’s fingerprints and DNA on file, too. Are we ready to give them that, as well?

    As for Jim’s reply to Tony: “You last paragraph also reeks of the NRA.” I’M a member of the NRA. What’s your problem?

  6. 6


    My new hero is Lady Janus.

    I would love to hear why you are a member of the NRA…mind telling us?

  7. 7

    Sure, no problem. I was a competition shooter when I was in high school. It has been awhile since I’ve been on the range, but at one time, I was a sniper class marksman. I like to shoot. I also like to hunt (and never for trophies). And even though it does not apply to Canada, I like the Second Amendment. That’s about it.

  8. 8
    jim Says:

    Lady Janus – The face of the NRA is ugly. It was once represented by the face of Charlton Heston, talk about the Ugly American. The NRA has taken the second Amendment and twisted it around to its own liking. The amendment states that the Militia, manned by locals, shall bear arms. The NRA’s swan song wipes out the word Militia. The amendment mentions “the right of the people to bear Arms (in a well regulated Mititia), not a bunch of yoyos running around town shooting it up after a few at Duffy’s Tavern. . Please note that the operative word here is Arms. It is a plural, meaning not one person, but a group such as the Militia, will be used to quell enemies of the State or the state itself. Another proof that the Militia is meant as the enforcer of the peace and not individuals, is that individuals do not bear Arms to go shoot a rabbit. Once again, we are dealing with a collective noun. The Militia bears Arms and not individuals.
    If one wishes to dig into the Congressional debates, and/or notes, to get the real sense behind the second amendment, one should consult the Congressional Journal of the day. Most of the U.S. Bill of Rights is a takeoff from the Commonwealth of Virginia Constitution. Lady J, – I was a military marksman. If it will be of any help to anyone who wants to become one one day, may I remind them that if they are taken prisoner they will be shot right on the spot. Snipers are reviled. I never applied myself to to becoming a sniper, as I saw no future in sniping. Now, is there a course available for sniping defence. Finally I don’t see anything wrong with the province wanting to get into (or not)the gun registration business, but I small a rat. It looks like another notch for nationhood.

  9. 9

    “The face of the NRA is ugly.”

    Do you judge every book only by its cover? Shame on you. I have a lot of friends in the organization, and not one of them is Charlton Heston.

    “The NRA has taken the second Amendment and twisted it around to its own liking.”

    And everybody else does the same. The trick is to decide for yourself where you stand and why, not fall back on somebody else’s prefabricated decision and simply produce an echo.

    “Snipers are reviled.”

    By whom? And if that’s the case, then why the competition to be the best? Besides, competition shooting is about skill and talent, not about who is most popular with the also-rans. So, you will excuse me if I don’t become yet another MeToo, won’t you? Gee, thanks. So kind.

  10. 10
    jim Says:

    Lady Janus – “Snipers are reviled” should be read as in “people who make sly critical attacks” and as clarified in “Now, is there a course available for sniper defence”
    Sorry about it, Lady J, but it looks as if I’ve made your last paragraph reduntant.
    BTW Your para which opens with “And everybody else does the same.” I am not interested in repeating what someone said.unless I attribute. I’ve got my own stuff as demonstrated in my previous comment. Come to think of it, I saw the Ugly American being interviewed once. His kisser was so twisted that he looked like the south end of a northbound horse. Yes, at times, I do judge a book by its cover, such as when Charleston Heston is on it because there is nothing the book. The lights are on but there is no one home and therefor there is nothing but jibberish on the pages.
    P.S. Lady J, if non of your friends in the NRA is like C.H. why did they vote him in as President?
    P.P.S. You sound as if you could take on the dumdums at the NRA. Why don’t you go after them and convert them to the more genteel way of life like yours?

  11. 11

    …from my cold, dead hands…

    No truer — or better — words have been spoken.

    Heston also said that the 2nd amendment was the most important because the first — and all others — are meaningless without it.

    I concur.

  12. 12
    jim Says:

    Tony – I’ve learned over the years that most “anti anything” people have so honed their rhetoric over the years that the average Joe doesn’t stand a chance to participate in an academic discussion with the likes of C.H. or others such as a member of the Tea Bag Party (a.k.a. Tea Party). Tony, thanks for showing us a video of of C.H., the Ugly American. If one listens carefully, one can hear the rantings of someone from the lunatic fringe. How can someone speak of their dead hands when their dead hands are are not dead with one hand holding a rifle up in the air a-la-Castro. Tony I view your alacrity to stand with C.H. You have written some good stuff for public consumption in the past. It behooves me to think that someone with your stature would march to the tune of Charleton Heston.
    Look at H.C.’s face in your video. I saw that same face on a Tea Bagger who was thrown out of a rally for President Obama in Unity N.H. What hate!!!!

  13. 13
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