A respected surgeon at the St. Jerome hospital discovered his wife , also a doctor, was having an affair with a mutual friend.  The medical couple had two children, Anne-Sophie, 3, and Olivier, 5.  Subsequently Dr. Turcotte tucked their two children into bed at his Laurentian home, obtained a knife and repeatedly stabbed them both to death.

Two general explanations were put forward in the doctor’s murder trial for these actions.  First, Dr. Turcotte was overwhelmed with anger at his wife’s infidelity.  He determined on a course of revenge to hurt his wife, Isabelle Gaston.  He decided to take away from her what she loved and prized most – her two little children.  So he murdered them in cold blood.

Secondly, Turcotte’s defense lawyers put forward another explanation. They argued that the doctor – overcome by conflicting emotions – should be found non-criminally responsible because in legal terms, his mental state prevented him from appreciating the nature of his acts.  He was a loving husband who simply “snapped”.

The jury unanimously agreed with the defense.  The doctor now goes for a battery of pyshological tests.  He could be out on the street a free man in a number of weeks.

“Who will protect our children”? Isabelle Gaaston asked in shock after the verdict.

Do you agree with the jury in the Guy Turcotte case?

Tell us what you think.


  1. 1
    Paul Says:

    I have never disagreed with a verdict more profoundly in all my life. He came across to me as a complete narcissist who took vengeance on two innocent children for his sense of hurt at his unfaithful wife. He stabbed his son twenty seven times. He should serve a year for every one of those stab wounds in my opinion.

  2. 2

    This kind of thing is becoming epidemic. Locally, we are housing a man who killed his three children in order to induce his wife to commit suicide from grief over them. His first words on being arrested were, “Is she dead?” And he wants weekend passes so he can go strolling through the local mall and buy himself a cup of coffee.

    I say kill the bastards and let’s be done with them.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I agree that the jurie’s decision to let this guy walk could well set a precedent that will make the situation Lady Janus speaks of even worse.

  4. 4

    What do I think?

    Well, I’m thinking of a noose, or a chamber with gas pellets, or a whole bunch of electricity delivered through a seating device.

    Does that answer your question?

  5. 5
    littlepatti Says:

    I hope the psychologists use their expertise to keep this man incarcerated for a long long time. We’ll see…We have a history of letting the “bad guys” out-re Karla.
    I confess if anyone harmed a hair on my children’s heads, they would never be safe from my revenge.
    I try to remind myself of my Pastor’s definition of “A Grudge”- “Mixing a poison cocktail and drinking it yourself!” True, huh?

  6. 6
    Carol Says:

    This verdict is unbelievable. He is an educated cardiologist and I do not believe for a moment that he lost his mind. Even if he did lose his mind, he should be incarcerated for 25 years and then be elligible for parole. Anyone with a sound mind can commit a crime and pretend that they went crazy and blame their actions on this. It is absolutely disgusting that our society has lowered itselft to this I am ashamed of our judicial system in this situation. Mr. Turcotte knew very well what he was doing and the reality is that he was able to pay a very expensive lawyer to drag him out of this hole. It is a true reflection of society as we know it nowadays and I hope to God that it will be appealed and that he will pay for what he did.

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