Today powerful political figures in France are saying that Strauss-Kahn would still run for president of France and still might win against Sarkozy.

What has upended the traditional wisdom that he was facing 25 years in prisoner for sexually assaulting a chamber maid in a a luuxurious Manhattan hotel. What’s happened is that poor defenceless maid and victim has  turned out to be a bald-faced serial liar.

The woman now admits she lied on her application to enter the United States and she lied about being gang-raped in  Guinea.  She lied about her income in order to get subsidzed housing and she had claimed a friend’s child, as swell as her own, on tax returns.

More damning the maid initially said  that, after being attacked, she had waited in the hallway for Strauss_Kahn to leave   his suite, then raised the alarm. She now says  she went to another room and cleaned it, then returned to Strauss-Kahn’s room to lclean it too.  Therte is also evidence that she has consorted with criminal elements who may have given her large sums of money. As a result of all of the preceding, the court has lifted Strauss-Kahn’s onerous bail and he is now walking through New York a free man.

Could a case against Strauss-Kahn be sustained on the evidence of this weak reed?

Should the District Attorney dismiss the charges against S-K as now seems likely?

Should Strauss-Kahn be able to run for the presidency of France?

Will Strauss-Kahn beat the rap?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    I think I was right to be suspicious of her story in the first place… 😉

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    But she is up against a very powerful defense legal team. Is it likely who own lawyers can stack up against the opposition?

  3. 3
    jim Says:

    Fair play has not progressed to the point, in the U.S., where a major world class hotel l would ever entertain an employee making a bigtime fuss about one of their guests.

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