A Newsweek cover photo  marking the late Diana, Princess of Wales 50th birthday reimagines her as still elegant but with crow’s feet and an aging  neckline, sparking a media uproar  and outrage among her devoted fans.

Fourteen years aftert her tragic death, the Newsweek cover imagines a noticeably older Diana strolling alongside Kate Middleton who, with her husband, Prince William, is arriving in Canada today.

Princess Diana’s perfectly coiffed frosted hair sports a beige hat at a jaunty angle.

The American media was aalmost unanimous in giving the retouched image a thumbs down, with several describing it as downright “creepy.”  The Atlantic Monthly referred to the image as “Princess Diana’s ghost.”  Some critics questioned its journalistic value, others its tastefulness.  The Los Angeles Times pondered whether the cover story was “shocking, brilliant or just plain cheap.”

Newsweek editor, Tina Brown – a friend of Diana’s – wrote inside that she saw the Newsweek issue as a kind of tribute to Diana.

“There is no doubt she would have kept her chin taut with strategic Botox shots and her bare ams buff from the gym.  Brown also  predicted tha her late friend would have made at least two more trips down the wedding aisle probably “on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“Her romantic taste would have moved to men of power over boys of play,” Ms Brown wrote about her friend, who was dating Egyptian Dodi Fayed when they were both killed in the 1997 Paris car crash.

Should a 50-year-old Princess Diana appear on the cover of this week’s Newsweek?

Is that shocking, brilliant or just plain cheap?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Francina Says:

    I am APPALLED at this breach of good taste!

  2. 2
    littlepatti Says:

    Neil: It is shocking, brilliant AND just plain cheap.

  3. 3
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Trouble is this cover will sell magazines.

  4. Trouble is this cover will sell magazines.

  5. 5
    jim Says:

    Newsweek is whoreing or pimping themselves.

  6. 6
    Barbara Says:

    The print media is in a fight for its life. The best and brightest in the world of journalism are working elsewhere.

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