Early Tuesday morning  two people were killed by Montreal police guns  on St. Denis street, one of my favourite streets in all of Montreal.  One man who was mentally distrubed was wielding a knife ; the other on the way to work was hit by a stray bullet.  Such tragedies involving the police in Quebec are investigated by other police forces.  On Friday morning, the Surete du Quebec (the provincial police force) announced they have not yet questioned the police officers involved but plan to do so presently.  This gives the four officers plenty of time to get together and co-ordinate their stories of what went down.

With four officers present, was it really necessary to shoot and kill an innocent man?   And who should investigate the incident?  Isn’t it high time to take these kind of probes out of the hands of police (who stick  up for each other) and give the responsibility to civilian investigators.  As they do in Ontario which has a 12-person Special Investigations Unit for such crimes.

The Unit questions officers right away so that they cannot collude on a prepared version of the event.  The special Unit requires that all officers in volved in a shooting by police be kept separate from each other until they have been questioned. The Quebec Ligue des droits et libertes and 22 other groups have stated that Quebec legislation is required to establish a “civilian, transparent, impartial and indpendent process.”

Should the police investigate the police?

What do you think?

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