John Edwards (once a serious candidate for the presidency) lost his wife to cancer.  He then lost his political career to a scandal of his own making.  His children have been put through the ringer.  Now the authorities are charging him with using campaign funds to cover up the child he had with his mistress. If guilty he faces jail and stiff fines.

What exactly is the purpose of continuing to hound this man when he’s down.  Who would be served by sentencing him to a long term in jail?  Are we dealingwith prosecution or persecution here?

Besides almost all legal experts says the case against Edwards is extremely weak.  He is charged with diverting money from two donors to shield his mistress.  One of the donors is now dead and the other is a hundred-year-old woman who may well not be able to testify.  Edward’s defense is tha he was given the money as a gift for his personal use, not as a campaign donation.

It is not illegal to accept a gift.  So why the hounding?

Should John Edwards be prosecuted/persecuted?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    “What exactly is the purpose of continuing to hound this man when he’s down.”

    That’s what we human beings call, “sport.”

    We love the sight of someone else’s blood on the floor — literally or figuratively. And we love denying it.

    Go Canucks Go!

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Hounding John Edwards is a “blood sport” that does not become humans.

    “Go, Canucks, Go!!”

  3. 3
    Barbara Says:

    While you are commiserating with Edwards, have you given a thought to the victims, IF they consider themselves so? Was it truly clear this was an open-ended gift? I find it odd that the alleged victims were fragile and elderly, i.e. less likely to create a scandal when their hard-earned money is given to cover up a political faux-pas. If so, I suppose no harm no foul no felony. There is something sleazy about it all, though.

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    All pompous asses should be kicked in the head while they are down. This kick will help to sink into the ignominious head of these lawbreakers that they are not beyond the law. Why should he be allowed to spend campaign funds to dip his wick and not me. Come to think of it, kick him in the crotch. These yoyos have the kind of thinking wherein they pass laws to cover themselves with the best in medical services at the government expense, but will not allow the same coverage for their constituents. Anyone for kicks.

  5. 5
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Well, vdoes oit make any difference that the legal case against Edwards is very weak, it may not go to trial and if it does Edwards will almost certainly be acquitted.

  6. 6
    Barbara Says:

    It does make a difference, Neil, but the wheels of justice should turn anyway. It may well be that he will get away with sleazy behaviour (again!).

  7. 7
    Neil McKenty Says:


    The issue is not whether he will get off with sleazy behavior. The issue is whether or not the sleazy behavior was a crime.


    The issue is not whether his behaviour was sleazy. Of course it was. The issue is whether or not his behavior was a crime. I think n ot.

  8. 8
    Barbara Says:

    It could be a crime if he misrepresented the purpose he had for soliciting money from these specific donors. That is for the courts to decide. It could well be that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute. He would then get away with what I would consider fraud, if he told those people that the money was for his campaign. If he had used it to buy a yacht to sail the Caribbean, I would say the same thing. It is not all that different from that man who pretended he was investing the money he took from the folks in the West Island.

  9. 9
    Gunnar Says:

    I am not sure the evidence against Edwards is that weak. Anyway, that is what the court case is all about. Sleaze is not for the law courts to decide, but the court of public opinion appears to have already decided on that one.

  10. 10
    Corliss Says:

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