Have you noticed how many commentators are now referring to the leader of the NDP as Prime Minister Layton ??  Well, it’s not exactly a joke.  The major polls are now showing the NDP in second place, just behind the Conservatives and well ahead of the Liberals.  And the NDP is number one in Quebec well ahead of all three other parties.

If these figures hold, Jack Layton will be leader of the opposition and he will have the most say about any coalition government of which he would be the head and prime minister.

Are we ready for socialism in this country?

Did you know that in the preamble to the NDP constitution, there is a discussion about nationalizing Canadian companies like Air Canada.  And that’s just for starters.  Under a socialist  NDP  government, services would expand, taxes would rise and the deficit would deepen.

In Quebec, Layton would reopen the constitutional question so that Quebec could sign on.  Also the NDP  would extend the regulations of Bill 101 to federal institutions in the province such as banking, transport and telecommunications.

Would you like to see the NDP become the official opposition?

Are we ready for socialism in this country?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Barbara Says:

    O my! Glenn Beck is being channeled by the Canadian Liberal party! Let’s see how much smarter Canadians are than folks down South. It will be fascinating election and the spinning on it will go on for some time afterward. I hope this election draws a greater percentage of voters at least.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    “Glenn Beck is beingchannelled by the Liberal party.” Would you elaborate?

  3. 3
    Barbara Says:

    Yes, Neil. Glenn Beck tried to stir up the masses with fear of socialism. That was his trademark. I have lately been hearing folks on the radio say scary stuff about the NDP and a socialist state (most people would say Canada is already a socialist state!) and I am wondering if behind all that is a frightened Liberal party or Conservative party stirring up a bogeyman. Just an observation …

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Barbara, Now I understand and I agree with you.

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