Canada produces more maple syrup than any other country in the world.  We also produced more hockey sticks than any other country in the world. Not any longer.

Sher-Wood, making hockey sticks for more than 60 years in Sherbrooke, is transferring its hockey stick production to China to slash costs. About 40 employees will lose their jobs although the head office employing 110 will remain in Quebec.

This is  a sad tale, the end of a storied Canadian plant making the world’s best  hockey sticks.

Could the company have  continued to make sticks in Canada.?

Seems not.

Had Sher-wood stayed in Canada making sticks, it would have been swamped by cheaper competitors  and sooner or laater would have been forced out of business altogether.

By going overseas to China to make sticks more economically, the company remains as a going concern.

Is out-sourcing the way to go?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Is out-sourcing the way to go?

    Yes…unless Canadian workers are willing to do the work for less pay.

  2. 2

    Out-sourcing is good for corporations, purportedly good for consumers (but no one has been able to prove that, yet, because corporations tend not to pass their savings along to their customers until someone puts a gun to their heads by way of legislation), and a lousy deal for anyone looking for a job.

    I’m a consumer, and I do not benefit from this out-sourcing, so naturally, I’m voting against it.

  3. 3
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Lady Janus writes:

    I’m a consumer, and I do not benefit from this out-sourcing

    Of course you do. Every time you go to the store and purchase a consumer item made in a country other than Canada.

    If you purchase the hockeystick that Neil refers to above, chances are that you will be paying less for it than if it had been made domestically.

    That’s more money in your pocket…and more money in the pocket of the corporation, most of whose shareholders are middle class Canadians like yourself.

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