The television consortium that runs the national debates in this election have excluded the Green leader, Elizabeth May from participating.  Even though May is a national leader who is running candidates all over the country.  Ironically, Gilles Duceppe is in the debates even though the Bloc is only running candidates  in Quebec.  Is this fair?

The argument seems to be May cannot participate because the Greens don’t have a seat in the House of Commons. Yet in the last election the Greens piled up nealy a million votes.  Should these people not have a voice in the debates?

Yet a spokesman for the Television consortium says “our decision {on Elizabeth May] is final and the decision is unanimous.  It will not be reconsidered.”

So there!!!

Should Elizabeth May be excluded from the election debates?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    littlepatti Says:

    I keep “waffling” on this subject. I am impressed that she has had one million votes.
    Finally, if I had to make the decision, I would say no. She’ll have to win a seat. I think there are already too many players, but that’s Canada, isn’t it? We allow anyone in, call it democracy and bitch about the outcome.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    Welcome back, Little Patti,

    I am also ambivalent about May in the debates.

  3. There are some 39 political parties registered with Elections Canada. They all somewhere got some votes in past elections. Should they hence be part to the debate? Were we to ever have proportional representation, then yes but not in our present system. Call it undemocratic if you wish but that is how things, until further notice, are.

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