President Obama has now sent secret CIA operatives into Libya to gather intelligence and make contact with the rebels.  Meanwhile, the rebels are in full flight before Gadhafi’s heavily armed forces.  The rebels are begging for arms to try to slow Gadhafi’s murderous advance.

The there is speculation that within the Obama administration there is a fierce fight going on as to whether to try to arm the rebels or not.

Both Britain and France have raised he possibility of arming the rebels, although no decision has yet  been taken.  “I’m not ruling it in, I’m not ruling it out”  Obama told NBC News.

Should Obama arm the rebels?

If he does not, the rebellion will be crushed and Gadhafi will stay in power.

If he does, the United States and the coalition will be sucked into a raging civil war that could go on for months.

Should Obama arm the rebels?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Yes,but care should be taken to ensure that the opposition is well organized.If proper care is not taken arming an unorganized rebels will pose a security threat in the future even long after Gaddafi is gone.

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    I agree with you. There is also the danger of stepping into the middle of a full-scale civil war.

  3. 3

    I heard Donald Rumsfeld say something interesting on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. He said that after the first Gulf War (circa 1991), Saddam Hussein claimed victory because both Thatcher and Bush 41 were out of office and he was still in office. Rumsfeld says the danger now is that Ghadafy stays in power and he will claim a victory over the west if we pull out now. So we are probably in for the long hall.

    This is the war monger Barack Obama’s own, true, genuine war…can’t blame it on Bush 43 now, can he!

  4. Every, or almost every, time the U.S. armed rebels they ended being shot at by their own weapons: Castro, the Contras, the Taliban and so on and so forth. But then when oil is concerned or projected pipelines reason does not prevail.

  5. 5


    I believe that the U.S. should not have participated in the conflict in Libya. However, I must say that going to war for oil isn’t unreasonable. Oil is the foundation of our economy and procuring its access is an entirely reasonable proposition.

    I do, however, object to the hypocrisy of going to war for oil and telling the world it is for some other reason. Had Rwanda had oodles of oil underneath them, the genocide that occurred there may not have because the U.S. would have entered the conflict to get their hands on the oil.

  6. 6
    zeusiswatching Says:

    The arming the rebels approach is an admission that the Western European try at an air-war only intervention did not work. It has already failed, and the rebels are on the run Eastward again. Apparently, even bad weather suppressing air support is all that is needed for these guys to get their butts kicked.

    Weapons means trainers and advisers on the ground. That means more air support, possibly special forces and guards to protect the trainers and advisers. Sounds familiar to anyone old enough to remember SE Asia — including the places in SE Asia where we were not there, but we were just the same.

    President Obama and his circle of technocrats in Washington got suckered into this by Western Europeans who do have interests in Libya. The President’s “pledge” to have no U. S. ground forces in Libya is only likely to be upheld if the Western Europeans, seeing no alternative, commit their own soldiery to this adventure.

  7. I agree with Tony (run for cover) save for one “not unreasonable to go to war for oil”. We have the means to do away with oil altogether but not the political will nor the courage to face the cost of the transition to green systems. WE could if we stopped rattiling sabers all over the world, utopian I know.
    And now pundits are predicting “water wars”, some seem to have already started around the Sahara and other parched nations. The U.S. wants Canadian water and some states are in dire need of water. Worrying!

  8. Regarding the issue about arming the rebels, it would be more helpful if it doesn’t, because there had been many forces who were joining in order to fight against Gadhafi. It may take long, but weapons are not the best idea to issue on the rebels, you should take into consideration the positive and the consequences that will happen. If you happen to have some fertility problems, I found this site that may help you.

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