What is as important as what Obama said last night in his speech is what he did not say.

Obama did not explain why it was important to save unarmed civilians in Libya and not important to save unarmed vililians being shot down in Syria and Yemen.

Obama did not explain why it was important that the U.S.  take the lead in libya, then turn around and hand over the lead to someone else.

Obama said earlier that Gadhafi had to go but he gave no explanation as to how this was to be done.

Obama gave no coherent explanation of what an exit strategy would  look like.

Has Obama bungled Libya?

What do you think?


  1. 1
    Kurt Says:

    I thought he explained these points with crystal clarity. There was a fierce sense of urgency to prevent a massacre. Unlike other hot spots, we could intervene without ground troops. Unlike other hot spots, we had an unprecedented coalition. The Arab League and NATO? Never happened before, couldn’t happen anywhere else.
    My question remains: What was the alternative?

  2. 2
    Neil McKenty Says:

    The alternative, surely, was to stay out of a civil war in Libya especially since we don’t know (at least nobody has told us) whether the rebels are freedo-fighters or thugs.

  3. 3
    Barbara Says:

    True, nobody told you, Neil. I recall Canada was distressed by another civil war (Hutus vs Tutsis) in Africa and wanted the U.N./NATO/the African League to come to settle the matter and prevent a massacre and they didn’t. It would seem Obama had this in mind.

  4. 4
    Neil McKenty Says:

    My recollection is that President Bill Clinton refused to send military assistance to a Canadian General, Romeo Dallaire, who was begging for such.

  5. In Rwanda, Belgium and France chose to protect their soldiers rather than the people they were there to protect and left then colonel Dallaire high and dry.

  6. 6
    Barbara Says:

    That’s exactly my point, Neil and Paul. It was horrible massacre. Obama does not want to make the same mistake others made by refusing to intervene. I hope he made the right decision, but making decisions when everything is not exactly neat and tidy is what the American Presidency is like sometimes.

  7. 7
    Julian Says:

    I think Obama has bungled this one. Firstly, Libya isn’t the only country in which there are uprisings. There is Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, to name but a few. If Obama was serious about ”any” lose of lives, he wouldn’t only be bombing Libya….the West have a more sinister agenda for Libya. They want to install a puppet who would listen to their orders. They want Libya’s oil.
    Ivory Coast doesn’t have oil so it would be a waste for the US to go there because that ”war” wouldn’t pay for itself as they expect the Libyan war would.
    The Arab league is being coerced by the west to join the ”coalition” otherwise they would face the same fate as Gadhafi!

  8. 8
    Beshall Says:

    my question is why does USA always poke their nose into other’s business? can’t they handle it themselves? and “unarmed civilians”? now they have have air-craft misslies at hand, these “street fighter”.
    and i agree with Julian. USA seem to find compassion only toward countries where they can have some advantage. are we looking at a modern Imperial ruler? the USA?

  9. 9
    Dennis Says:

    Superior content, We are checking back on a regular to watch out for upgrades.

  10. 10
    zeusiswatching Says:

    The U. S. didn’t need to get into this. I ask again, we didn’t the Arabs League, The French, the British, et al. do this themselves? There is no way the tyrant in Tripoli could have survived that sort of armed force. Instead, Western Europe talked the U. S. into an air campaign that isn’t dislodging Qaddafi, and currently the rebels are being beaten back yet again.

    This is not the USA as an imperial ruler at all. This is the U. S. getting suckered into a fight where the Americans have no interests, Western Europeans clearly do, and the promise of a quick result using missiles and air strikes isn’t working out. In the end, a lot more military effort might be required because the U. S. was brought into this for the air war “quick fix” that hasn’t worked to date.

  11. 11
    jay Says:

    By helping these so called rebels, we could be helping al-qaeda (as happened in afghanistan). I think the US and Canada are getting suckered (by France and Britain) into a fight in which we have no business. After the 1989 afghanistan war and 1991 Iraq war, there was an islamist uprising against Gaddafi which was brutally and effectively suppressed. I feel this is a Libyan Civil war in which we have no business…it would have solved itself as it did previously. Our interference has just created another quagmire like Iraq.

  12. 12

    I note all you apologists and enablers, above, for the war-monger Barack Obama.

  13. 13
    jim Says:

    Hosea, can-you-see? No you can’t. Let me point out by way of a short scenario what’s happening. The European robber barons, using their governments’ military, invaded most nations, on or south of the equator in Africa and Asia. The camp followers (missionaries) tried to convert them to Christianity at the point of a sword. Later the U.S was founded. The U.S. took it upon themselves to pass on their theory of democracy to the uninitiated in the East. Their theory was proven to be valid thru infighting. (There is something strange about a people who after a !35 years or so still hold up the massacre of 600,000 of their own, as to how a democracy should be enforced). Now, the non-christians, Islamists, Hindus etc., a few billion strong, decided that enough was enough and turned against the Western impositions.The U.S. decided that they have to go over there (think Libya for a current name) before they come over here. (They didn’t move fast enough, note 9/11) Meanwhile back at the ranch – the U.S., in spite of their many blunders, have managed to contain all the bad guys, including communists. If the U.S. hadn’t of had this strategy, the 9/11 crowd with their huge population behind them might be sitting in the White House. And that folks is why they are there, so so.

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