As I see it those Canadians who want to get rid of Harper (and they are legion)  have only one choice: vote Liberal.

It will do them no good to vote Bloc which only runs candidates in Quebec;  it will do them no good to vote NDP which will get only about 16 per cent of  the total vote. Only the Liberal party and Michael Ignatieff has the muscle to overtake Harper and get rid of him.  Michael Ignatieff is one of the world’s leading public intellectuals.  He has written for the New Yorker, hosted programs for the BBC and has held teaching positions at Cambridge, the University of London and Harvard.

There is no question Ignatieff has the intellectual and moral heft to do Canadians proud as prime minister.  With him in Sussex Drive, we would would out from under the secret, controlling vindictive kind of government run by Harper that has brought such shame to the country.

There are really only about 50 seats that are at play in this election.   Ignatieff must capture enough of them for the Liberals to form the next government.

It will all depend on the kind of campaign the Liberals run.

Does Ignatieff have a chance of becoming the next prime minister?

If the cards fall right, he certainly does.

What do you think?

Is there an upset in the making?


  1. 1
    Francis Says:

    Enjoy the modern layout. I were pleased with this article. Thanks for your nice blog.

  2. 2
    joe agnost Says:

    Neil asked: “Does Ignatieff have a chance of becoming the next prime minister?”

    Not a snowball’s chance in hell Neil… I’ll be surprised if the liberals do better than they did under Dion – and ~that’s~ saying something.

  3. 3
    frederick of edmonton Says:

    God I hope Iggy takes it to the Reform Party Harperites and their brand of astoundingly sinister, dishonest, fear mongering way of governing..where else in the world would a guy of his ilk have a snowball’s chance in hell of propogating his self serving BS…this is only the latest, but his people run backgrounds on those chosesn few who are selected to attend his political speeches..he controls the questions he’s asked, he porogued, parliment, his tough on crime bill harkens to the 1950’s of the US, where, most states now admit the policy of punishment vs correction has been an abysmal failure..the silly jet purchase has a hidden price tag but those in the know (US policy people, want to scrap the deal because it’s a bad plane, not proven ,etc) but Harper has it in his mind that this too shall be done, so that’s that, don;t ask me what the thing costs..the long gun red herring (jesus man, who cares if you have to register a long gun..I did it seven times)…the myth that the Reformers shelted us from the wrath of the world’s economic turmoil..BS!!! Canada’s banking systems saved us, not one sorry assed Reformer could have changed a damn thing…thank a stong central bank policy..the list of why we need to get rid of this self serving moron is too long for this post, but suffice to say if we let Harper in again, he will finish up the his crusade of dismantling a liberal and fair minded Canada, the land that was respected above all others until this sick little Reform movement took hold, which, unfortunately, happened because the Libs got a little too fiesty in trying to keep PQ in Canada; Libs got caught and the people spoke..Harper has been caught over and over, so let’s speak loud and clear and give ourselves the biggest (most pleasant) surprise in Cdn politics since Joe (the last of the real small c’s) was prime minister …Iggy is the only choice…vote often..never give up until Harper is nothing but a bad memory….unless of course you want to stick around for five years and see if your family gets that much cheered (in Reform circles) tax break and your kid is in jail because he got busted for pot and your daughter is on her way to some guy with a coat hanger in her time of need .,.,ok..extreme, but so is what is happening to our land with this guy in charge…please give yourself and Canada a break and dump the guy on his head….

  4. 4

    I don’t particularly like Harper, but I got used to him. I don’t know Iggy at all — he’s like the Invisible Man: there, but unnoticeable. I like Layton well enough, but I loathe most of his his tactics and most of his politics; he does, however, make for an effective opposition.

    Best scenario for the country is the same thing we just had: a CPC minority with a Liberal opposition and NDP around the edges.

    I ignore the Bloc.

  5. 5
    Vlad Says:

    Man I think you will be surprised.
    I never voted before as well as most of my friends.
    Now all of them want to vote against liberals.
    We are fed up with HST and other sh…
    I will make my 80 km trip to vote in ignatieff district.
    That district where a lot of ukrainian and polish live.
    It will be a laugh if ignatieff is not elected in his district.

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