After a delay of several weeks, the United Nations has authorized military intervention to help the rebels and unarmed civilians in Libya.  Prime Minister David Cameron says NATO planes will be in the air in a matter of hours.   Canada is sending six CF-18s – last in action in 1999 in Serbia.  Also we are sending 200 air personnel.

But is it already too late? 

Col. Gadhafi is shelling and strafing the last of the tattered rebels in Tobruk and Bhengazi.  In fact I don’t think we even know who these rebels are – are they friend or foe.

No wonder President Obama is taking a hands-off approach and taking a lot of heat for it.  Some Republicans charge he can’t make up his mind about Libya.  But he has made up his mind.  He has decided to stay out.  U.S. wars in two other Muslim states are enough.

Fox news reports that Hillary Clinton is so upset with Obama’s dithering that she is pulling her hair out and is thinking about resigning.

Meanwhile Obama and his family are jetting off to Rio for a little R&R.  Is that politically dumb?

What’s the bottom line here.  What do you wager that after the no-fly zone has come and gone. the mad Col. Gadhafi will still be in power in Tripoli?

Should Canada be sending planes and manpower?  Why?  What strategic interest do we have over there?

Should the United States stay out?

Is there any chance at this late stage that Libya can be helped?  If not it’s a fool’s errand.

Can Libya be helped?

What do you think?


  1. 1

    Good for Obama. Let him stay out. Like Neil says, 2 “Muslim” wars are enough.

    As for the Hillary quote…

    Fox news reports that Hillary Clinton is so upset with Obama’s dithering that she is pulling her hair out and is thinking about resigning.

    …I remember reading that it was Hillary who pushed Bill into stopping dithering about bombing the Serbs back in the ’90s when he wasn’t willing to commit to military action there.

    She’s a regular war-monger that Hillary.

  2. 2

    First off, Tony, I wouldn’t give much credence to what Fox News says unless it’s backed up by independent sources. Fox has a National Enquirer flava. It’s one of the reasons they can’t get into Canada. We have laws against making false news reports.

    However you spell his name, the Libyan dictator needs to be done. His own people are screaming at the world to come assassinate him before he anihilates them all!

    And does anyone actually think that Obama cannot be president if he’s not chained to his desk in the Oval Office?

  3. 3

    Lady Janus:

    As someone who has been published and compensated by Fox News for it, I take umbrage at your suggestion that Fox News shouldn’t be given much credence. I don’t give much credence to the frightening Canadian government apparatus that decides what I do and don’t get to watch.

  4. 4

    Well, Tony, if Fox is paying you, of course you’re on their side!

    And…oh, yeah…

    “Dithering” done. We’re in! We’re ALL in!

  5. 5
    zeusiswatching Says:

    110 cruise missiles as of this afternoon. A statement that U.S. Ground forces will not be involved.

    I have little problem with ejecting the Libyan tyrant. I doubt this will be of much long lasting benefit to the United States’ image or U. S. interests in the region. The American right has a point about the President’s indecisiveness in many matters, but this is one situation in which I think he had to not take a commanding role, at least not initially.

    France is taking the lead, publicly and in air combat at this point. Let us hope this operation does keep Qaddafi’s forces in check.

  6. 6
    Luigi van der Pappen Says:

    Go Sarko!

  7. 7
    Luigi van der Pappen Says:

    Check out what this cool dude from the states is saying

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