What politician believes that God guided the war in Iraq; that tax cuts for the rich will trickle down to the poor; that climate change is not man-made; and that it is better to be obstinate than candid?

George Bush, you say. What about Sarah Palin? Or to put it succinctly. Isn’t Sarah Palin just George Bush in a skirt?

Isn’t it interesting too that the McCain brain-trust have decided that at least part of the time the candidate and Palin will travel together. The reason? So that Palin will draw larger crowds and give the McCain campaign frequent shots of energy.

Doesn’t that image raise the hairs on the back of your neck? McCain needs energy from his vp. Will he still need it if and when he gets to the Oval Office? Or as Frank Rich put it in the New York Times on Sunday “John McCain is too weak to serve as America’s chief executive…. A McCain victory on Election Day will usher in a Palin presidency with McCain serving as a transitional front man, an even weaker Bush to her Cheney.”

When McCain, now in his seventy-third year, goes for his afternoon nap, will Sarah have her fingers on the nuclear buttons?

Of course, the choice of Palin reflects far more on Mcain than it does on Palin. As the Times editorialized: “If he seriously thought this first-term governor — with less than two years in office — was qualified to be president, if necessary, at such a dangerous time, it raises profound questions about his judgement. If the choice was, as we suspect, a tactical move, then it was shockingly irresponsible.”

Am I one of the few who think this Palin woman is a threat to national security, playing, as she did, with the idea the United States might have to go to war with Russia to protect Georgia or the Ukraine? A bigger threat than Hussein ever was.

Palin claims she has foreign policy experience because she can see Russia from her window?

I can see a restaurant from my window which I guess makes me a cook.


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    George Bush is a tax and spend Republican: $500 billion deficits, increasing the budget over 50% in 7 years to over $3 trillion, etc.

    In this respect, Palin appears to be the opposite if her tenure as Governor of Alaska is any indication.

    And Obama? Well, his record on this front is…uh, gee, he doesn’t HAVE a record in this area ’cause other than running his congressional offices, HE HASN’T RUN A THING!

    And this applies to foreign policy and everything else as well, Neil.

    Better to have someone with at least SOME experience be the VP so she can, while on the job, learn what it takes to be president than someone who has very LITTLE experience in anything (and where he had experience he didn’t do all that well, including being a community organizer) go immediately into the job as president.

    As Thomas Sowell said today in his column at , “Barack Obama is truly a phenomenon of our time– a presidential candidate who cannot cite a single serious accomplishment in his entire career, besides advancing his own career with rhetoric.”

    And, gosh, what’s that smell?

    Hmmm…do I detect the faint odor of misogyny rearing its ugly head?

    I’m off to Vegas for a few days. Fair well, my merry band of liberal Canadians, until my return…

  2. 2
    Joe Agnost Says:

    “In this respect, Palin appears to be the opposite if her tenure as Governor of Alaska is any indication.”

    As mayor she took a town without ANY debt and left it MILLIONS of dollars of debt. Did they get something for that monery? Yes, a sportsplex (I think) among other things…. but the point is that she has a record of RUNNING UP THE DEBT!!

    Sorry for yelling…. 😉

    I am NOT an Obama fan – not in the slightest… but the thought of McCain/Palin makes me far sicker than Obama/Biden. At least Obama has Biden!

    As Pamela Anderson succinctly put it: “Palin can suck it!”. 🙂

  3. 3
    Chimera Says:

    George Bush in a skirt.

    Y’know…I’m one of those people who gets instant visual images of everything I read and hear. And that visual image just hurt my head! Now I’m gonna hafta get out the brain bleach and do some scrubbin’…ow! 😉

    “Palin can suck it!”

    Um…she’d have to find it, first. And I don’t think she knows what it looks like.

  4. 4
    jim Says:

    Well, The only experience that Jimmy Carter had was selling peanuts. Did anyone notice that when Palin, the airhead, returned to Alaska, she used a teleprompter at the airport. You know, Margaret Wente of the New York Times wrote when referring to Palin “an Alaskan Hillbilly with pornstar looks”. I was wondering where I’d seen Palin before, Wente triggered my memory. When I was a young man I made the usual round of stags with the guys and as usual porno movies made the scene. They were all the same. A blue hue to the film. An overweight male fornicator wearing sunglasses and Argyle socks and the opening scene was the porno star decked out as a librarian. She was the spitting image of Porno Palin. Her experience in life was demonstrated when she dropped her drawers.

  5. 5
    SUZANNE Says:


    No. Better 🙂

  6. 6
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Well I’ve been on a plane a few times but I would’nt fly one. Ms Palin’s declarations remind me of the Greek legend of the Amazones. It worries me no end and I wonder…but that would be an offending digression.
    Tony, don’t lose your shirt in Vegas, unless of course you are on a mission hunting terrorists or a business trip. The Treasure Island pirates only look fierce, spare them please.

  7. 7
    exposrip Says:

    Neil, the statement “I can see a restaurant from my window which I guess makes me a cook” is more appropriately directed to Hilary. Difficult as it is for some (including yourself I presume) to comprehend but Palin is more politically accomplished than Hilary -heck, even Obama. There’s no debate here. None.

    Behind Obama’s poetic rhetoric lies a socialist. His policies are remarkably unremarkable.

    Tony, Harper is tax and spend. Neither of these guys are true conservatives. As you all know, prior to 9/11 Bush didn’t really have an ideological stance. Of all competing national policies, the neo-con doctrine, which languished in the back corridors of Washington, suddenly found a sympathetic ear in Bush.

  8. 8
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:

    Palin is to Hillary what Dan Quayle was to John Kennedy.

    There’s no comparison here.


  9. 9
    John Says:

    “Palin is more politically accomplished than Hilary -heck, even Obama.”

    You would think that someone that “politically accomplished” would be allowed to speak to reporters.

  10. 10
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Exposrip/Commentator, if by “more politically accomplished”, you mean tha Palin knows more tha Hillary how to use her position for personnal advantage or for settling accounts, I’d have to agree with you. However that is not what I’m hoping for at the helm of the USA.

  11. 11
    exposrip Says:

    Guys, go check it out. No PC, I mean more.

    It’s odd that no one singles out Obama for this.

    I don’t agree Neil. I think we have vastly over rated Hilary. She’s the sous-chef who thinks she’s the chef.

  12. 12
    fmgb Says:

    Yes, you’ve nailed it. And there’s now a site dedicated to this meme.

    Please send on any tips, etc.


  13. 13
    Heidi_Gulatee Says:

    Neil, I tried to pst a comment and your site would not accept it.

  14. 14
    Heidi_Gulatee Says:

    I meant post, sorry

  15. 15
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:


    I hope you’ll try again. We miss you.


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  17. 17

    Good morrow, all!
    No, Sarah Palin is not George Bush in a skirt. She can actually string words into a coherent sentence…on occasion…
    I think I caught some quotes from the Republican Primer:
    See Dick.
    See Dick shoot.
    See Dick shoot his friend.
    Shoot, Dick, shoot!
    And three pages along:
    See Sarah.
    See Sarah speak.
    See Sarah speak without a teleprompter or her talking points.
    Shut up, Sarah, shut up!
    No, wait! See Sarah speak in tongues!
    Babble, Sarah, babble! (Where’s Sean Hannity when you need him?)
    I think the last bit was inserted by a Democratic hacker, but, you never know…then, again, I digress…CTZen

  18. 18
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:

    CTZ –

    Very witty on the Barracuda. Thanks.

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