Yesterday three more Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan bringing the total to 93 since the mission began.  Several observers are calling for a review of Canada’s commitment.  One of these is Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, son of the former prime minister.

Trudeau says “our aggressive military activities in Afghanistan are foolish and wrong.”  He adds, “We’re going to have to leave the place or there’ll be nothing left of us or of whatever we’ve done, escept the blood we’ve lost there after we leave. So it’s better we leave now.”

Britain was defeated in Afghanistan.  So was Russia.  Is there any reason to believe that NATO will succeed where the others failed?

Sacha Trudeau says we out to leave now.

Do you agree?


  1. 1
    jim Says:

    Canada occupies many elite stations in the world hierarchy, up there with the US and GB, such as the G8, a way out of proportion to the size of our population. Canada was also a major contrbutor to the writing of the United Nations Charter. So when we choose to be in the big leagues we must act in a manner becoming the membership. Regarding the Middle East, Canada must do its duty, serve its time and get out.

  2. 2
    Joe Agnost Says:

    As soon as a member of the Trudeau clan starts talking I stop listening.

    I can’t believe ’93 deaths’ is considered a lot! While the life of EVERY soldier is important we should keep this number in perspective! 93??!! We lose more citizens to heart attacks (by far), or car accidents… I bet we’ve lost almost that many firefighters in the same amount of time.

    I feel for the families – I really do – but 93 deaths in 5+ years (how long has it been?) is practically NOTHING! Now GET TO WORK fixing the place like we’re supposed to!

  3. 3
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    “I must ger out of here”, said the man mired in quicksand. Yes but how? We went in there for humanitarian reasons, or so we were told. Since nobody, on either side, can be trusted when they say something, I guess we will just have to tough it out and roll with the punches.
    All the would be conquerors foundered in Afghanistan but we are supposedly there to help the Afghans solve their reconstruction problems…unless they don’t want to be helped.

  4. 4
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    The day Sacha Trudeau says something about his dear buddy — the human-rights-violating mass-murdering anti-democratic communist dictator Fidel Castro — is the day I’ll give any credence to what he says.

    Sacha’s father used to take his kids down to Cuba to go deep-sea fishing with Uncle Fidel. Oh, what fun!

    Castro and his buddy Che Guevara used to kill more than 93 people before lunchtime back in the day of their glorious revolution. And their legacy of 11 million enslaved souls in the socialist paradise known as Cuba is not something I’ve heard Sacha talk about. Let him address this monstrous reality first and then I’ll consider anything he says about Afghanistan.

  5. 5
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:


    Ninety three Canadian soldiers dead is a higher proportion of deaths related to numbers than the Americans are losing in either Afghanistan or Iraq.


    Most of my friends visiting Cuba highly recommend it as a place to vacation with escellent heath care and education. I think I might vacation there this winter.

  6. 6
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    Granted Sasha is not the most credible of our political elite. Regardless we got ourselves in a mess when Chrétien got us in Afghanistan to be forgiven for Iraq. Cuba is not as bad as the Americans would have us believe and the Americans aren’t as bad as Castro Inc, would have us believe.
    Wherever we turn to, we are caught in a propaganda war and Goebels lessons have not been forgotten by our leaders. Finding the very thin thread of truth in all their utterances is a full time and exhausting job. At times, I feel just like tuning out…but that would be a cop out, not my cup a tea, so I’ll keep reading between the lines.

  7. 7
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Earth to Neil (who attempts, with wide-eyed enthusiasm, to tell us that Cuba has excellent health care and education):

    1) There is no freedom of the press in Cuba;

    2) There is no freedom of expression or thought in Cuba. So that means no matter what the level of education the people reach and no matter how many graduate degrees they mete out, they are meaningless without the ability to dissent and freely express yourself. Ergo education in Cuba is of the lowest possible quality.

    3) Cuba has a three-tiered system of health care:

    i) Excellent health care for visiting tourists who want to have procedures done that they can’t get at home or that their insurance doesn’t cover at home and, paying with American dollars, they can get for a fraction of the cost in Cuba. The facilities that cater to these people is what Michael Moore visited while in Cuba for his movie “Sicko”.

    ii) Excellent health care for the elites of the Communist Party and their families. This is less than about 2% of the population.

    iii) horrible, third world quality health care for everyone else: no medicine, no operations, no nothing practically all the time. Oh, and when your “friends”, Neil, can have free access to travel anywhere they want without any secret police detail spying on them or when the people themselves are free to talk to them, get back to us.

    Keep in mind when we read international or U.N. reports about Cuba’s “excellent” health care that it is necessary to read the fine print which often informs us that the data being reported is from the government of the country themselves! What, pray tell, do you think the Communist Government of Cuba is telling these international organisations? Without a free press to confirm and/or audit these glowing report cards that the Commies give themselves, I think we can safely rely on those Cubans who escape the Socialist Paradise and tell us that “excellent” health care is non-existant.

  8. 8
    exposrip Says:

    “Most of my friends visiting Cuba highly recommend it as a place to vacation with escellent heath care and education. I think I might vacation there this winter.”

    Neil, your friends have not been observing or critical enough. I can’t believe that people would say this. I’ve been to Cuba. Beautiful people and country but an atrocity of human dignity has been committed upon them. I can’t even begin…it angers me when naive, blind Canadians come back with glowing reviews about Cuba. Did they mention to you that Cubans are not allowed on the beaches where tourists are? I went to a Cuban pharmacy, good luck getting the medicine you need. Havana? A place with a soul but nothing but downtrodden now. I could go on.

    Speaking of absurdity, why are you quoting Alexandre Trudeau? Who is he? Why should I care about what he says?

    I think you can find far more credible people to quote, Neil.

    The Trudeau boys do not impress me one bit.

  9. Good morrow, all!
    Canada should not get out of Afghanistan because Sacha Trudeau says so. Canada should get out of Afghanistan because, well, frankly, they’re all crazy over there. You don’t know whether the villager that smiles as you go by wasn’t the same dude that buried the IED that’s about to blow you to Kingdom Come. What Vietnam turned out to be for the US, Afghanistan is turning out to be for NATO. It’s a bottomless, pitiless quagmire that will continue to claim Western blood, until there is no more Western blood to spill. The Taliban, supplied by Pakistani sympathizers and bolstered by drug-harvesting warlords, have the population still scared purple. The mountainous terrain cannot be properly subdued or domesticated. The poppy crop grows, unfettered by the erstwhile ideologues.
    Get out? Yesterday would not be soon enough. But, I digress…CTZen

  10. 10
    exposrip Says:

    And a fine digression at that…!

  11. 11
    Joe Agnost Says:

    “Ninety three Canadian soldiers dead is a higher proportion of deaths related to numbers than the Americans are losing in either Afghanistan or Iraq.”


    When we’re not bashing the U.S. to make us feel better we’re comparing ourselves to them – as if that makes ANY kind of point.

    So Neil: Who cares about the U.S. and Iraq? We’re talking about Canada and Afghanistan…

  12. 12

    John, Amen to that. I’m so tired of the anti-American and anti-Toronto bashing.

    Just recently all I’ve read and heard on the radio or over at that paper that claims to be a newspaper The Gazette was how the Americans are this and that. One blowhard babbled about Phelps having “McMedals.” I call that “Mcwriting.”

    Norman Webster, who was a former editor and should know better, went off about how on a population basis the Americans are actually not that good to try and assuage Canada’s mediocre performance. Bull!

    We shouldn’t be simplistically calculating pop/medals as a measure to determine Olympic success. That because America is 10 times the pop. doesn’t not necessarily mean they should win 10 times the medals. If we use that logic then we should win 10 times the medals as New Zealand. That of course didn’t happen. NZL won 9 with 3 gold. Who’s “better?”

    Calculating delegations into medals is a better, but by no means an accurate, way to figure this out. In this way, the U.S. outperforms Canada by a WIDE margin.

    Here’s a thought: Instead of insulting Americans how’s ’bout we get behind out athletes and actually pump more money or try and focus on the sports we are good at? Right now, our athletes have to train abroad to get more funding and work eight hour shifts to survive while their competitors are practicing and training during that period. No wonder, we have so many 4th place finishes or world champions that falter. If swimming offers the most medals then do what the Aussie’s did and become good at it and stop whining.

    Speaking of swimming, Webster went off about how the U.S. wins so many blah, blah,blah. Well, on a percentage basis 30% of their medals came in the pool. Australia? 45%. Yet, no one is complaining about that.

    Given the lack of support and how tough it is for our athletes it’s a miracle they win any medals at all. In this way, I’m very impressed.

    I stand behind our athletes and they deserve so much more. They get 18 medals with no support. Imagine if they did get some! Private sector wake the darn up!

  13. 13
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:

    the commentator:-

    I don’t consider myself anti-American – although the fact they re-elected Bush and neo-cons gave me pause. My quarrel is not with the American people but with their lousy government.

  14. 14
    exposrip Says:

    I didn’t mean to include you in that comment! Sorry ’bout that.

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