In response to higher gas prices, half of Canadian drivers say they have cut back on daily driving, and 45 per cent say they have taken steps to increase gas mileage.

A Gallup poll in the U.S. indicates a higher percentage of Americans (84 per cent) said they have cut back on daily driving and 76 per cent took steps to increase gas mileage.

In addition high gas prices are influencing Canadians’ travel plans. Twenty-six per cent of Canadians said they decided against taking their usual holiday trip this summer, with the highest percentage in the Maritimes (35 per cent) and the lowest in Quebec (20 per cent).

Meanwhile, two-fifths of drivers in the lower middle income range $20,000 to $40,000 are more frequently turning to other means of travel than their car.

Also 45 per cent of Canadians say they are thinking of considering switching to a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Do you think you have cut back on your daily driving? (I haven’t).

Have you changed your vacation plans because of high gas prices?

Have you considered buying a more fuel-efficient car? (18 per cent of drivers in Quebec have done so)


  1. 1
    Tony Kondaks Says:

    Yes, I’m cutting back on my driving. And I drive a Toyota Corolla which gets, consistently 29-31 miles per gallon (more in the winter when I don’t have to use my air conditioning). So it doesn’t hit me as hard as, say, someone who drives one of those ridiculous gas-guzzling monstrosities of an SUV you see all over the place here. Yet even I am feeling it.

    But I wear two hats on the issue of high gas prices:

    Wearing the hat of Tony the Consumer, I hate to have to pay $45.00 to fill up my tank when it used to cost me about $15.00 5 years ago. I hate to have to think twice about taking a drive into the desert or the mountains or go to a restaurant 25 miles away. I want the freedom not to worry about paying so much in fuel and just want to be able to go when and where I want without thinking about how much it will cost me. Until recently, I never did the mental calculation of dividing the miles I am going to drive on a particular trip by 30 miles per gallon times $4.00…and now I’m doing it on a regular basis. The driving “culture” has changed for me and I’m sure for most other people. I’m now “pinched” whenever I consider getting into my car and I don’t like it.

    Wearing the hat of Tony the Concerned Citizen, I think the $4.00 a gallon gas is the best thing to happen to us. Necessity is the Mother of Invention and the best way to get alternative fuels and alternative vehicles is through Green Power…and I don’t mean the environmental green power but the pocketbook green power. Nothing concentrates the mind more (save a sentence of execution) than the hit in the pocketbook.

    And I’m not a concerned citizen, as those of you who have read my posts on this subject know, because of a concern for global warming. Rather, cleaner, more efficient, AND CHEAPER FUEL SOURCES will lean us off dependence upon foreign oil and, heck, the air will simply smell better.

    Bring on nuclear, plug-in hybrids, and — yes! — air cars*

    *That’s cars that run on compressed air…don’t believe me, check out:

  2. 2
    neilmckentyweblog2 Says:


    I think you’ve nailed the jelly to the wall. Increased fuel prices will inevitably cut back our excessive use of energy. Salut.

  3. 3
    Paul Costopoulos Says:

    For some time now I have been taking bus and metro whenever possible. My car consumes 6L/100km which i consider reasonable. However I have eased on the accelerator and, in town, try to stop and start as little as possible and when impossible, no more 0-60 under 10 sec.
    I have not changed my travel plans… just my speed while traveling. And yes it has made a difference at the pump.

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    This being the season of long driving holidays, here is a blog by Neil from the summer the blog started.

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