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septembre 2, 2015


He liked to argue just for the fun of it. In the 70’s & 80’s he was one of Montreal’s highest rated radio talk show host, with more than 75000 people tuning in for his show.

In 1985 he leaves the radio scene at the top of his career to pursue other interests, then comes back into the spotlight but in an other media, television, to host McKenty Live!  With guests ranging from Dr. Ruth to René Lévesque you would be sure to be entertained the whole hour.

The book is available here: click here

Neil interviewed about John Main

février 21, 2015

Ric Peterson talks to Neil McKenty about John Main

The visit of H.H. The Dalai Lama to the Vendôme Priory in 1980. From left to right: Laurence Freeman, Dalai Lama, John Main.

The visit of H.H. The Dalai Lama to the Vendôme Priory in 1980. From left to right: Laurence Freeman, Dalai Lama, John Main.

Journalist, soldier, barrister and Benedictine monk, John Main’s spiritual odyssey was a deep seated quest for an authentic life of prayer. The door finally opened when he met an Indian swami who taught him to meditate using a mantra, only to close again when he entered the Benedictine noviciate and adopted a more traditional form of prayer.
Long after ordination in 1963, John Main discovered that the form of prayer advocated by the swami already existed within the mainstream of Western Christianity but had fallen into disuse. From then on, he was to devote his life to restoring this form of christian meditation to its rightful place within the Church. His work began with the foundation of a meditation centre at Ealing Abbey in London and led, some years later, to the foundation of the Benedictine Priory of Montreal and the establishment of a worldwide spiritual family linked through the daily practice of meditation.
Neil McKenty paints an attractive portrait of this compelling Irish monk whose teaching and writing on meditation were to transform the lives of thousands of men and women.

Cover of the new edition



Coming soon: new edition from McKenty Books, special pre-order price $15 for one copy, $20 for two copies. To order send an email to linesarestillblazing [at]

7. “The Zaniest Show I Ever Did”

No one in talk radio knows for certain what will resonate with listeners. Or why. To Neil’s consternation and surprise, one of his most popular “Exchange” programs was “Driving With your Mate.” These are his crib notes for the program, which elicited comments from callers for two months running.

Did you ever get lost, really lost? How did you get unlost?

Why are male drivers reluctant to ask directions?

Are men better than women at driving? I know my own wife, Catharine, gives up as a map reader and as a navigator at least once on every trip we take.

Do you think men change personalities when they get behind the wheel?

I do most of the driving in my family. I consider myself a good driver, and I am uncomfortable with someone else behind the wheel. I wonder why that is? I don’t like driving with drivers I don’t know. It makes me nervous. I feel more comfortable behind the wheel than sitting in the passenger seat.

There is something darn funny about how a car affects people. Why do we always pack so much luggage? Going, let’s say, to Las Cruces we have enough luggage in the trunk to go on a cruise around the world on the Queen Mary. Why do we need so much luggage?

Catharine’s reply:

The darling man was directionally challenged, Known to go through the occasional stop sign or red light unless the navigator, me, could stop him. Never a dull moment! The luggage, on the other hand, was mostly mine, and never ceased to amaze him. Can you believe we made it?

Click below to listen to Driving with your mate.

Radio waves

février 20, 2015

Now available: McKenty Live! The lines are blazing as an ebook.

Andy Williams The Impossible Dream

Catharine writes:

When I listen to Andy Williams singing this song I think of Neil and his heroic battle against the dark forces of bi-polar depression. So many people I have talked to lately find themselves in a similar situation, it was an enormous privilege for me to share in this battle with Neil.

Click below to listen to episodes of Exchange. For more radio click here.

Laurels and lemons

Kitchen tips and household hints


Housework – radio show

octobre 29, 2014

Click below to hear a 1980’s episode where housework is discussed.

All about radio

octobre 25, 2014

Click below to listen to an episode of Exchange where radio is discussed.



Audio: Laurels and Lemons

octobre 22, 2014

Click below to hear an episode of Laurels and Lemons – a favourite topic that was revisited many times on Neil McKenty’s radio show.

"Here's my point!"

« Here’s my point! »

Driving with your mate

avril 29, 2014

Catharine writes :

While I was packing to go by car to Kingston, with my nephew, I couldn’t help remembering what Neil called his zaniest program.

Do you have any stories about a road trip ?

What do you do when your are stressed in your car ?

Are you a good co-driver ?


Quebec Politics

mars 9, 2014

Click below to hear Quebec politics discussed on Exchange.

Laurels and Lemons

mars 7, 2014

Click below to listen to another episode of Laurels and Lemons on Exchange.

RADIO: Seal hunt

mars 6, 2014

Click below to listen to the Seal Hunt discussed on Exchange


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